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A list of classic femininity with a modern touch.

Quick notes:

  • Girls’ names have been being influenced by literary works, such as Emma, Harry Potter, and even Twilight. 

  • Emma continues to reign among girls’ names.

  • Names of ancient royals, as well as those depicting fertility, are consistently popular for baby girls.

Whether you are looking for something decidedly feminine or something with a little more quirk, this list has something for you.


Emma has been Number 1 for several years now, and it looks like it will probably remain that way. It is of German origin and means “universal”.

From ancient royals to Jane Austen’s work and to more recent actresses such as Emma Watson, this popular name is likely to remain high on charts for years to come.


Ava is Latin for “life” or Persian for “voice” or “sound”, all of which are equally beautiful meanings. It was previously Number 3 on the charts but has since moved up to Number 2.


Olivia is the Latin female name that, like its male counterpart Oliver, means “olive tree”. Olives have played a large role throughout history. It was the Athenian symbol, a blessing of peace and fertility, and more.

The name Olivia was around as early as the 13th century. Between Shakespeare and multiple television characters, it has become one of the most popular girls’ names around the world, landing as Number 3 in the United States.

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Holding on to its Number 4 spot is Isabella, which is Italian, Hebrew and Spanish for “pledged to God”. Though this name has been around for quite some time, it became exceedingly popular due to the Twilight series’ main character- Isabella Swan.


Previously in the Number 8 spot, Amelia has risen to Number 5 of the top girls’ names. It has a German origin that means “work”, and is viewed as a sign of fertility.

Amelia has made appearances in British royal families, children’s books such as Amelia Bedelia and Harry Potter, and is, of course, the name of American hero Amelia Earhart.


Mia has topped Maria as the Number 1 “M” name for girls, not an easy feat. It has an Italian and Scandinavian meaning of “mine or bitter”.

Part of the appeal of Mia is that it is feminine yet not overly “girly”. Mia is currently Number 6 of the top girls’ names, and seems to be digging itself a permanent place.


Jumping to Number 7 from Number 10 is the name Evelyn. It is of English and French origin, meaning “wished for child”. Oddly enough, this very feminine-sounding name began as a masculine one.

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Charlotte is the female version of Charles, which means “free man” in French. It is considered an elegant name that makes frequent appearances.

Some of these popular appearances include King George III’s wife Queen Charlotte, Charlotte Bronte, Charlotte’s Web, young Princess Charlotte, and even Sex and the City. It is currently in the Number 8 place for top girls’ names.


Once in the Number 1 spot, the name Sophia has dropped to Number 9 of the top girls’ names, yet is still an extremely popular one. Sophia has Greek origins, meaning “wisdom”.

It is considered a classic and feminine name, which is popular among parents looking for a name with substance.


Making a large appearance with celebrity children is the name Harper. What was once considered a boys’ name has quickly become a leading name for girls, staying on or near the top 10 list for years now.

The name Harper has an English origin and means “harp player”. Currently, it is at Number 10 of the top girls’ names.

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