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Give those tiny clothes a new purpose

Quick notes:

  • You can turn old baby clothes into other useful items.

  • Start a family tradition with a baby clothing quilt.

  • Keep your baby clothes until you know you are through having children.

Letting go of baby clothes can be hard to do. It almost feels as though if you keep the clothes, you can hang on to them being those tiny beings. Try these ideas to ease the process:

Make a pillow and pillowcase

Use your baby’s outfits to make a pillow and pillowcase that they can use as they grow. Of course, you can always keep it for yourself, instead, since you are likely more attached to the clothes than your child is. You could also place them in a hope chest for your child to have as a keepsake when he or she grows up.

Turn them into a teddy bear

If you want your child to appreciate them as much as you do, use the clothes to make a teddy bear or any other animal they might like. At least this way the item will be played with, likely for years to come.

Make a quilt

Along the same lines, you can use the clothing to make a quilt. Very often, quilts are passed down for generations, so this will probably be used for a long time.

You might even turn this into a tradition. Start with your baby’s clothes. When he or she has babies, add those clothes to the quilt. Continue adding each generation and you will have started a family tradition that will last for long after you are gone.

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Host a clothing swap

Invite a bunch of moms with children of varying ages and sizes over. Everyone can throw their kids’ too-small clothes on a blanket or table, then pick out clothes that are their kids’ current sizes.

With a clothing swap, you are moving the clothes out but you are trading them for something useful. That makes it a little easier to let them go.

Have a yard sale or sell them online

Selling them may seem like the hardest thing in the world, but it might help if you choose a reward for doing so. For instance, maybe you decide that the money you make from selling them can be used to purchase your child’s new clothes, save for a vacation, go out to eat, or something else you consider special. When there is a reward at the end, the task often becomes much easier.

Frame them in a shadow box

If you absolutely cannot get rid of all of your baby clothes, pick out your favorites. Set a limit, such as the top three or five outfits. Frame these in a shadow box. You will always have them on the wall to view.

Make them into a purse

You might also consider turning the outfits into a purse. This way you can keep them with you for as long as you choose to keep the purse. Plus, no one else will have an identical purse.

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Give them away

A very good way of enticing yourself to clean out any item is to find someone who needs them. Someone is always in need, but putting a face behind it is often very encouraging.

Look for a young family or single mom who needs help with baby clothes. Reach out to local churches, look on social media, or ask coworkers. Finding someone in need is never a hard task.

Do be sure, though, before making any moves that you are through having babies. Otherwise, you might find yourself in need of the clothes you just got rid of.

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