Unsplash / Sai De Silva

Curly hair on kids can be one of the most difficult things to deal with. It tangles so easily and trying to untangle it turns into a crying mess. Try these curly hair tips for kids:

Wide-tooth comb and detangling brush

Using a regular brush or comb is going to have your child screaming. And, if that is not bad enough, it will take you hours to get through it all. By the time you get through with one section, you realize the last one has already tangled back up and you want to scream.

Instead, try using a wide-tooth comb and a detangling brush. They will not prevent the hair from tangling again, but it will be a lot less trouble for you. I alternate between the two as I untangle my girls’ hair. We get through it a lot quicker without tears- usually. Do yourself a big favor and have about ten around. They always seem to disappear when you need them.

Coconut oil

If your child’s hair is curly, you probably also find it to be pretty dry. There are tons of products for dry hair, but the best I have found to this day is coconut oil. For years, coconut has been a staple in our home, and it has not disappointed us yet. Not only does it keep their hair from drying out, but it is also natural, meaning that I do not have to worry about what I put on their scalps.

There are two different ways I do this, depending on the level of dryness. With my hair, which is not very dry, I put the oil in and let it soak for a while. Then, I was most of it out. I do this because if I leave it all, my hair will look greasy. With the girls, I do the same process, but I leave most of the oil in their hair and then dry it on very low. I also have a spray bottle in which I have mixed coconut and argan oil together. We use this in-between soaks.

Detangling spray

The oil spray I mentioned above is a great option for this, but you can also choose something store-bought. The more help you have in the detangling process, the less tears you and your little shed. Both Just for Me and Shea Moisture carry great detangling sprays that also condition.

Microfiber hair towel

Let’s be realistic: scrubbing your hair down with a regular towel is not a good choice for any type of hair, but definitely not curly hair. You risk tangling their hair at that moment plus break their delicate hair. Instead, go for a microfiber hair towel with an elastic band. These will soak the water up a little more naturally, and in a less damaging fashion.

Leave-in conditioner

Curly hair is usually very dry and easily breaks. Keeping it conditioned goes a long way towards a healthy head of hair. Go for a leave-in conditioner with olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil, or even beeswax for the best results.

Curl tamer

Curls have a mind of their own. As beautiful as they can be, they also often go in crazy directions, have frizzy spots, and flyaways. With curl tamer, you can take control of the hair- as much as possible anyway. At the very least, the look will improve.

Deep conditioner

Even if you are not washing your child’s hair every single night, it will dry out to some degree. It is just the nature of the beast. Deep conditioning on a regular basis can go a long way in reducing that dryness. It can also help strengthen hair, which is crucial to the easily breakable curls.

Once a week, I try to let my daughters’ hair deep condition. The instructions usually say to let it sit for 15 minutes, by I let it go on longer. I usually put the conditioner and coconut oil on when they first wake up, put a shower cap on them, then let it soak a minimum of four hours. If we have nothing going on that day, I might leave it in longer.

Curl defining lotion

Curl defining lotion can be another lifesaver. It locks in moisture so there is much less of a chance of the hair drying out. Also, it literally adds definition to the curls instead of it looking like a frizzy mess. The more natural a product you can find, the better. You do not want to cover your child’s hair in heavy chemicals when it can be prevented.

Shower caps

If I have learned nothing else in my time as a parent to daughters with really curly hair, I have learned the importance of shower caps. It is a well-known fact that hair should not be washed daily. On our no-wash nights, they both wear shower caps in the tub. Otherwise, their hair is going to get wet and messy, and suddenly, I will have a lot more work than I should have had. Save yourself the pain by keeping a stash of shower caps available.

They say beauty is pain, and curly hair tends to drive that point home. It is absolutely beautiful and makes adorable kids even more so. Keeping those curls beautiful can be a struggle, but it is not impossible. With the right products and the right tips, you and your child can enjoy those sweet locks.