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Those “weird” things you have been feeling may be a baby.

Quick notes:

  • Changes in taste and smell are often good indicators of pregnancy.

  • Other children and pets may sense it and start to act differently.

  • Your sense of smell may become as good as a bloodhound.

Everyone knows that the need to potty more often, a missing period, and feeling like throwing up all the time are common signs of pregnancy. It is these uncommon pregnancy symptoms that often leave ladies wondering what is going on with their bodies.

You might have nosebleeds and bleeding gums

Pregnancy hormones can increase inflammation in the gums, making them very sensitive when brushed. The blood vessels in the nose also expand, so there is a chance of nose bleeds.

It can taste like you are sucking on pennies all day

As your estrogen and progesterone levels increase, you may experience some changes in your taste. For many women, this means tasting metal more often than they care to admit. This change is called dysgeusia.

Another sensory change is a stronger sense of smell than you would like. Not only do smells change but they also get too strong to handle, in many cases. By this, we mean that your sense of smell may start to rival your dog’s.

Your veins may start looking like Google maps

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing- until your veins start making such a big appearance. All your inner workings are moving around to accommodate the baby, the blood vessels are expanding, and there is new pressure put on numerous spots.

Suddenly, you notice what looks like roadmaps or spiderwebs running from your chest all the way down your legs.


You might live with a stuffy nose

Your body produces more mucus during pregnancy than at any other time. This might lead to you having a stuffy nose quite often. Unfortunately, you might notice this mucus in other areas, too.

You may have vivid dreams- and nightmares

Pregnancy hormones can wreak havoc on your dreams, but so can pregnancy itself. Many pregnant women get woken up to go to the restroom so often that their sleep cycles are broken. All of this can lead to some very strange dreams.

You will have an increase in bloating, gassiness and constipation

In order to feed your baby the nutrients it needs while you are pregnant, your body does not digest food as quickly. This often leads to bloating, constipation, and gas that will not pass.

Your other kiddos might have the 411 before you

If you have other children, they have an uncanny ability to sense the difference, even if they are unsure of what is going on. You might notice them be suddenly much clingier than before.

For moms still breastfeeding your little ones, you will probably notice them start to reject your milk. This is because the hormonal changes caused by pregnancy can affect the taste of breastmilk.

You might have heard that cats like to hang around pregnant women, as well. While this may or may not be true, if you suddenly have an influx of cats around your home, it might be time to pay attention.

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You might feel like you are on a merry-go-round

Blood pressure tends to drop during pregnancy and blood vessels constrict. If you start feeling lightheaded or start seeing black spots, it might be a sign you are pregnant.

Your head may feel like it wants to explode

In short, hormones are going crazy and your blood cannot seem to decide what it wants to do. The result? A pounding head. This pain may also extend to period-like cramps.

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