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Sneak in some lovin’ without a lot of effort.

Quick notes:

  • Sex should be a priority to keep your relationship happy and healthy.

  • There are effortless positions for even the most exhausted parents.

  • Every romp in the hay does not have to be a long session to keep the spark alive. In fact, short and spontaneous ones can add a little spice.

Finding the time and energy to have sex as a parent can be quite challenging. Here are some tips to make it easier.

Make it a priority

It can be so easy to forget about sex or push it to the side when you are a parent. After all the diaper changes, laundry, cooking, and working, we just want to fall into bed at night time- to sleep.

There is some part of us that thinks we can always do it later, but this is a risky way to look at it. It is important to make sex a priority to keep your relationship strong and healthy.

It is completely understandable if you do not want to get into acrobatic positions like you once did, but that does not mean you should give up sex altogether. It simply means you need to adapt a few things, such as the sex positions you employ.

Best sex position for exhausted parents

Sometimes the hormones are raging but your body just feels like a dead weight. Most sex positions simply require too much work. That’s okay, though, as there are a few for even the laziest and most exhausted parents.

This just might be the most effortless position you can try. The woman lies down on her back with her head on pillows, then pulls her knees up. She will be positioned so that she looks as though she is sitting in a chair.

The man slides up under her knees, making the partners perpendicular to one another. The man can enter the woman while both her head and legs are supported. This position is both relaxing and exciting.

Let’s just be honest, sometimes parents have to carry out some covert ops and ninja missions to enjoy sex with their partner.

Best sex positions for busy parents

While dreaming of five-hour sex sessions is not a problem, those probably will not happen without either sending the kiddos to grandma’s or giving up a full night of sleep.

It can be much more realistic- and spicy- to enjoy some quickie sessions during nap time. Here are a couple of positions for fast, hot and heavy when you only have five minutes:

1. Doggie style

Chances are you spend a good deal of time in the laundry room or kitchen- welcome to parenthood. Utilize this time wisely.

Be sure that whatever you are wearing can be easily moved out of the way- a skirt, sweats, or even yoga pants. As long as it can be removed and put back on easily, you are in good shape.

Lean over your washer, dryer, table, or counter and have your partner enter from behind. This can be a sexy and quick way to enjoy some love without too much fuss.

2. Elevated

Again, easy access clothing is best. The woman sits on top of a table, counter, or laundry room surface that puts their intimate areas level with their partner’s. The partner then enters from the front as opposed to behind.

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Best quiet and covert sex position

Let’s be honest, sometimes parents have to carry out some covert ops and ninja missions to enjoy sex with their partner. The best position in these cases is to spoon as you normally do but face your bedroom door to keep an eye out for little ones.

Keep your clothes on and the covers around you. The man can enter from behind without too much movement, making it less noticeable. Also, if the kiddos happen to walk in, it just looks like you are taking a nap together.

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