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Spoiler alert: You can still get wild between the sheets.

Quick notes:

  • Sex during pregnancy is not dangerous- it is actually very healthy.

  • Being pregnant does not have to mean letting go of fun and intimacy.

  • Even when we feel like 500-pound whales, ladies can still feel desirable and sexy.

Having sex while pregnant is not dangerous to you or your baby. The problem is finding a comfortable way to do it.

Pregnancy and sex

In the beginning, with all of the nausea, fatigue, and so on, sex is about the last thing on our minds- especially since sex is what brought about the horrible feelings anyway.

After the death warmed over feeling wears off, though, you may find yourself desiring it more than ever before thanks to the hormones that come with pregnancy. Your husband probably will not mind.

However, you have a basketball protruding from your stomach, and as precious as it is, it can interfere with womanly desires. While you probably need to hang up missionary position for now, the good news is you can still be intimate. Here are some of the best sex positions during pregnancy:

Momma on top

One of the best positions during pregnancy is with Momma being on top. As long as you are not trying to lean over for a smooch, your ever-growing belly will remain firmly out of the way. Many women enjoy this position because it puts them in control. It makes them still feel desirable and sexy- feelings that often get lost during pregnancy.

The woman can straddle the man either forward or backward. As an added bonus, Daddy can still move, making it equally enjoyable for both parties.

After the death warmed over feelings of the first trimester wear off, you might find yourself desiring sex more than ever before thanks to the pregnancy hormones. Daddy probably will not mind this fact.

Tangled up

Couples can lie down facing one another. While this position allows easy access for both parties, it might also be one of the most comfortable as your belly grows. Lying on your side is almost relieving during pregnancy, and you can easily add a wedge pillow to help support your back. It also allows for closer, more intimate contact between partners.

They can still make eye contact and kiss, something that is normally a bit difficult.


Most women love spooning for cuddles anyway, so why not make love while doing so? It provides many of the same benefits as tangling up while facing one another, so you are still comfortable and supported. Daddy will enjoy it as it allows for a different angle. It is a way of still adding variety to your love life.

From behind

If you want to spice it up a bit more, Momma being on all fours or standing while leaned over and Daddy entering from behind is the way to go. Doggie style is comfortable when pregnant because your belly is basically completely out of the way. This position also allows for other exploratory sexual acts, so you and Daddy can keep the spark alive.

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Feeling like an inflated balloon is usually not accompanied by feeling sexy. It can be especially distressing if your sex life once consisted of you being light enough for Daddy to hold you up. The good news is that with some careful prep, you can mimic those acts without your husband thinking he is Superman and breaking his back. You simply need a surface that puts you up just high enough.

While being very careful, you might make your way onto a table or your bathroom counter that lines you and your mate up efficiently. This position allows for the intimacy of eye contact and kissing. However, this cannot be stressed enough: be careful. Do not try to get on top of anything that is not sturdy, and take extra care when climbing onto the surface.

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