If the idea of wearing a breast milk ring or necklace might sound a little “out there,” then rest assured that such jewelry may not look exactly like you imagine. Apparently, the trend of turning breast milk into jewelry has been around since 2013, when a number of Etsy sellers figured out how to turn a lactating mother’s milk into jewelry she could actually wear. Whether you’re intrigued or still a little creeped out, here you’ll find the answers to all your pressing questions about breast milk jewelry and why it’s becoming a popular trend.

What does breast milk jewelry look like?

As any mother who has breastfed her baby knows, breastfeeding creates a special bond that’s hard to put into words. That’s why a number of mothers initially began choosing to turn their jewelry into wearable keepsakes. While some people may picture an odd-looking vail full of mom’s old milk, breast milk jewelry is actually much less obvious. There are a number of artisans who specialize in a process that involves hardening and preserving a woman’s breast milk, giving it the appearance of a milky stone. The solidified milk can then be fit just like a gemstone in a customized ring, bracelet, pendant, or charm. Many such “milk stones” are so finely crafted that they’re often mistaken for opal whenever they are worn.

Where do you get breast milk jewelry?

These days, breast milk jewelry has become so popular that there are several vendors who specialize in its creation. Many also offer to transform other items, such as cremation ashes, umbilical cords, placenta, or simply sand from a treasured destination, into jewelry as well. When a mother wants to create a piece of breast milk jewelry, she simply mails the vendor a small amount of breast milk, usually around 2 tablespoons. The vendor then goes through the process of transforming the milk and working it into the jewelry piece of the mother’s choice. The whole process usually takes around 3 months, due to the rising popularity of breast milk jewelry. Pricing can vary widely, depending on what sort of jewelry you’d like your milk made into, and can run anywhere from $50- $700.

If you or someone you love likes the idea of buying a piece of breast milk jewelry, then just be sure you do your research. Make sure that whatever vendor you chose has a great track record and plenty of photos of their previous work. Be aware, however, that not all breast milk is created equally. While some women produce bright white milk, others may produce milk that has shades of other colors, such as yellow. Your specialized jewel will reflect your milk’s shade as it was received, so don’t panic if it doesn’t look exactly like the pieces on the website.

Several reputable online breast milk jewelry producers include:

  • Beyond the Willow Tree – This Australian brand was among the first to begin offering their services on Etsy as far back as 2013. Their rings, pendants and other jewelry tend to lean towards an air of boho chic.
  • Mama’s Liquid Love – Ann Marie Sharoupim, the creator of Mama’s Liquid Love, is the mother of two girls and began creating breast milk jewelry to craft a thank you gift for her daughter’s breast milk donor. She offers a number of beautiful rings and other pieces that can be customized with your child’s name, birthstone, or other gemstones.
  • Indigo Willow – Established by a stay-at-home mom, Indigo Willow took their time developing their formula before offering their services to the world. One of the few brands that offer a 1-year guarantee, their unique formula ensures heirloom level quality that will not yellow, mold, or disintegrate over time.
  • Lait de la Vie- This Louisiana based artisan offers some of the most creative options including shaped charms and breast milk stones flecked with gold or other materials.

DIY breast milk jewelry

Prefer to make your own breast milk jewelry? As with most other things these days, there’s a kit for that too! Among the most notable is the DIY kit from Nine Two Five Jewelry. Created by a jewelry supplier and her biologist friends, Nine Two Five created a kit that will help you preserve your breast milk at home. Just be aware that the jewelry you can produce with the kit won’t be exactly the same type as those offered by professional artisans.

Rather than turning your own milk into a hard, stone-like jewel, their kit includes everything you need to turn it into a fine “dust.” Once the dust’s transformation is complete, you can load it into the clear vail included on one of their many jewelry pieces. You’ll have plenty of choices as far as what type of jewelry you prefer, from pearl charms to rings or pendants.

Due to their scientific approach, Nine Two Five is able to guarantee that your kit will come with only the best, pharmaceutical-grade preservatives which will help ensure that your jewelry will not yellow over time. Not only are the kits designed to produce high jewelry, but they are also sure to help you save a great deal of money. The kit itself costs just $35 or $50 if you’d like it to come complete with a necklace.

Hopefully, this has helped answer some of your questions about the breast milk jewelry trend! Be sure to share the info with any moms you may know who are looking to create a keepsake they can treasure for years to come.