If you’re expecting a baby boy soon then, first of all, congratulations! Haven’t decided on a name yet? Rest assured, you’re not alone. Parents-to-be everywhere understand that naming a baby is one of the biggest decisions you’ll face before your newborn even arrives. If you’re on the hunt for cute boy names, then the odds are that you’ve already been presented with top baby boy names like James, William, and Liam countless times.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing at all wrong with traditional names, you just don’t need us to tell you about them. That’s why we’ve decided to concentrate on unique baby boy names that may or may not have already been presented to you for consideration. Here you’ll find a list of cool, yet rare names that aren’t “too far out there.” If you’re looking to give your son a name he won’t share with a bunch of other kids in his class, then consider one of these baby boy names that are full of personality, charm, or strength.


This Anglo-Saxon name means “fortified hill” which is full of strength. Signifying both protection and advantageous position, your son will be ready to do battle with whatever life may throw at him in the years to come. Not only is it a fun, unique name but it also lends itself to cute nicknames like “Ari.”


If you’re looking for a name full of old school charm and character, you can beat “Dean.” Not only will it invoke images of the super suave James Dean, but your son will also share it with the adventurous character from the works of Jack Kerouac. “Dean” is a perfect first or middle name for your little adventurer.


Ryder is a great English name that means “rider, knight, or mounted warrior.” There’s something about this name that just sounds cool and strong as if you’d expect it to belong to a race car driver.


Want to ensure that your son always remembers to be a good leader? If so, then the name “Alric” is a great choice. An ancient Germanic name, it means “highest ruler” or “ruler over all.” It also lends itself to the nicknames “Al” and “Ric.”


If you want to give your son a strong name, then look no further than “Ekon.” Pronounced EE-kun, this gorgeous Nigerian name literally means “strong.”


This old Hebrew name means “God’s gracious gift.” It’s somehow actually a Hebrew derivative of “John” but is much more unique and edgy. It will also serve to remind you and your son what a precious gift he is… even when he accidentally decorates one of your walls with magic markers.


If your baby is of Asian descent, then this cool Japanese name is full of possibilities. Depending on how its depicted in Kangi, it can mean anything from “wise gentleman” to “at the summit of the mountain.”


A cool version of “Max,” this ancient Welsh name is actually a variant of “Macsen” which is the Welsh version of “Maximus.” It not only means “greatest” but was also the name of the 4th-century Spanish-born general who went on the become one of the most powerful Emperors ever to rule in Europe. Regal much?


If your baby is of proud Gaelic descent, then Finn is a great choice for a name full of heritage and meaning. It means “blonde or fair warrior” and was made legendary by Finn MacCool. MacCool was a hunter/warrior and became a sort of Irish Robin Hood figure who created the Giants Causeway. The name “Finn” also invokes images of Mark Twain’s Huck Finn and is sure to make your little guy an adventurer who always stands up for what he believes in.


If you come from a family of nature lovers, then consider naming your son after one of mother nature’s stealthiest creatures. This regal little wildcat also appears in plenty of old mythological tales that would make for lots of great bedtime stories. Known by the Native Americans as the keepers of secrets, they are often symbolic of the unraveling of hidden truths and believed to have various supernatural abilities.


Want your baby to have all the moves? Then Jagger is a super cool name that everyone he introduces himself to is sure to remember. Made famous by the Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger, this is the perfect name for your little rocker and comes complete with a lifetime of swag.


While we’re on the subject of musical names, can we mention how cool “Axl” is? Due to the fact that your son would share his name with Axl Rose from Guns ‘N’ Roses, he would forever be blessed with a cool first impression. Interestingly enough, however, this old Hebrew name actually means “father of peace.”


This Old Nordic name means “heir”, “descendant”, or “beloved” and is full of adventurous fun. Little guys named “Leif” share their name with Leif Erikson, the son of Erik the Red. Erikson is believed by many to be the first  European to have ever discovered North America, five hundred years before Columbus.


If you want to give your baby a beautiful name from the spiritual pantheon, then consider naming him after the archangel Uriel. One of seven archangels in the Hebrew tradition, Uriel is the angel of wisdom whose name means “God is my light”.


If your baby comes from Mexican or Mayan heritage, then Ikal is a strong, unique name to consider. It’s an old Mayan name that means “spirit” and will ensure that your little guy has plenty of it. It also lends itself to the nickname “Ike.”

Hopefully, this list of unique names has helped get your creative gears churning. Best of luck to you and your son on your journey together!