Planning a baby shower can be a great deal of fun but also a lot of work! Baby shower games can be a huge help if you’re looking for fun ways to help your guests break the ice and get to know each other. Here you’ll find a list of easy, fun, and often hilarious baby shower games that you’re guests are sure to get a kick out of!

Guess who I grew up to be?

If your guests don’t know each other well, this is a great game to help inspire them to learn each other’s names. Mention in your invitations that you’d like everyone to bring a baby picture of themselves to the shower. To prevent peeking, you can also ask that their photo be concealed in a plain envelope. Have a friend collect the envelopes as your guests arrive. Once everyone is in attendance, display all of the photos alongside numbers. Give each guest a piece of paper and a pencil and see who can correctly match the most baby photos with the guests they grew up to be.

Embarrassing baby stories

Another great ice breaker, this game will definitely help your guests get to know each other better. Pass out index cards and have everyone write out a funny story about themselves when they were a baby or young child. Then have them toss their stories into a basket. Pick them at random, read them aloud, and see who can correctly guess which guest submitted which story.

Don’t let your water break!

Give your guests a turn to be the ones waddling around for a while! Make a bucket full of water balloons, arm each player with one, and arrange them along a starting line. Put a row of large bowls along the finish line 10-20 ft. away. When the game begins, your guests must put their water balloon between their knees, waddle to the finish line, and deposit their balloons safely in their bowls. Should they drop their balloon and break it, they have to go back and start all over again.

Guess the due date

Care to make your pregnancy even more interesting? Start a due date pool which anyone can enter for a dollar. Each contestant will write their name alongside the due date and exact time they think the baby will be born. Save the money until your baby arrives and award the cash to the winner.

The baby food challenge

If your guests tend to be the adventurous type, then this is a game they’re sure to love. Write numbers on 6 or more plain mason jars and fill each with a different flavor of baby food. Those bold enough to sample them must attempt to guess the flavor of each food they taste. To make it even more fun, you can outfit your contestants in baby bibs and have their partner attempt to feed them while blindfolded.

Ice ice, baby

Before the shower begins, freeze a load of miniature baby figurines into ice cubes. Once everyone has arrived, give each guest a baby-filled cube. Whoever melts their ice cube and gets their baby out first has to scream “my water broke!” The first to do so wins.

Motherly advice

This may not be one of the most hilarious games on the list but it will definitely be one of the most meaningful. Pass around a few pieces of paper and ask all the other mothers present to write out any advice they’ve learned from their own parenting adventures. The advice you collect can later be placed in your baby book and turned into a keepsake.

Babies against parenthood

Okay, so Cards Against Humanity may not be the most appropriate game for a baby shower. Luckily, there is a baby themed version called Babies Against Parenthood. The best part? It’s completely free to download, print, and use as a hysterical game at your shower!

Baby’s first portrait

This game is especially fun if none of your guests happen to be a particularly talented artist. Even if they are, however, they’ll still find themselves up for a challenge! Supply each guest with a card and marker. You may want to make sure the markers are washable for reasons soon to be revealed. Announce that the challenge is to envision and draw a portrait of your baby to be. The real fun comes from the fact that the “artists” must draw their portraits while holding their cards against their own foreheads.

The diaper change challenge

Arrange a series of baby dolls on a table, each clad in a diaper. Present each of your contestants with new diapers and announce that the challenge is to change their baby doll’s diaper…while blindfolded! Then sit back and wait for the hilarity to begin. Whoever is able to change their baby first (or even the best) gets a prize.

Nap Time!

If you’ve ordered the miniature babies needed to play “Ice ice, baby,” then this can be a fun way to put them to further use. Divide your guests into small teams and give each a baby blanket. Arrange buckets a few feet away that will serve as each team’s “crib.” Challenge each team to load a miniature baby into their blanket and launch it into their bucket. The team who successfully gets the most baby figurines into their bucket wins.

Create excitement with prizes

Let’s face it, no matter how old we get, everyone loves winning a prize! Offering small prizes to the winners of each game can bring even more fun and excitement to your shower. From Starbucks gift cards to nail polish, the sky is the limit when it comes to what prizes you want to offer.