Simply Perfect

This gorgeous A-line gown has us feeling like princesses. Who would have thought that this bride got it from a secondhand store? The off-the-shoulder design is lovely and timeless, and the lace detail on the skirt adds an extra dimension of classic beauty.

In this appearance, this bride took her groom’s breath away. It was also a fraction of the expense of a boutique or couture gown. This is a fantasy wedding gown from a storybook. And buying it so cheaply didn’t have to be a fantasy!

Bringing Back the 1800s

With its magnificent neck ruffle and long, exquisite sleeves, this dress appeared like it was pulled from the set of a Shakespeare play. If you want to recreate traditional beauty on your wedding day, a secondhand gown is a terrific option.

You may draw inspiration from a variety of time periods and tailor your outfit to your own particular preferences. This sort of gown is also ideal for brides who want to seem modest on their wedding day. It’s your special day, after all.

Old-Fashioned Glamor

This vintage bridal gown is really one-of-a-kind. We adore the empire-line shape, which is accented with beautiful lace embellishment. The simplicity of this dress is difficult to discover while shopping for a new wedding gown, since popular styles may be overwhelmed with sequins, glitter, and tulle.

Choosing a more simple wedding gown allows you to add glitz with accessories. Or, you can ensure that all eyes are on you, not your gown. This bride has undoubtedly discovered her ideal gown at a secondhand store.

Cinderella Would Be Jealous

Every bride deserves to be treated like a princess on her wedding day. Some people prefer a more traditional and subtle look, while others believe in “Go big or go home!” We like brides who embrace their inner diva by wearing a full-on ball gown! In her massive skirt, this bride is offering maximum drama.

Imagine whirling on the dance floor in this showy number! The gloves give a sophisticated touch, while the satin fabric keeps the gown from being tacky or over-the-top. We’re sure that any Disney princess would be envious of this ballgown’s flair.

Trumpeting for Joy

This lovely bride looks stunning in her trumpet-style gown. The sweetheart neckline emphasizes her feminine shoulders, while the body-hugging flare pattern flatters her figure. We wouldn’t fault you for assuming that she had acquired her gown from an exclusive store.

Instead, she went to a secondhand store and rummaged through the racks for her ideal gown. It must have been her fortunate day, since this is flawless. It is true that certain things are just destined to be.

Simple and Clean

The ideal wedding gown does not have to be a glimmering ball gown or a classic A-line with a long train. As this bride proves, sometimes less is more. She discovered her ideal style when shopping used, when she came across this exquisite batwing gown with a plunging ‘V’ neckline.

It’s a mature yet contemporary aesthetic that’s ideal for a relaxed, personal wedding day. With many women being obliged to postpone their extravagant weddings with COVID-19 obligations and restrictions, many are opting for more conservative alternatives.

Silver Lining

This bride couldn’t believe her good fortune when she discovered the dress of her dreams while shopping at a thrift store. She desired a strapless gown with exquisite beading and a hint of glitter. This garment impresses on every level.

The fit and flare silhouette is sleek and sophisticated, and the mesh piece at the bottom provides an extra element of sensual drama. It’s unusual to discover your dream gown at an ordinary wedding store, but this woman was quite fortunate!

Major Alterations

Not every woman is fortunate enough to find her perfect wedding gown on the racks of a charity store. Sometimes you have to be a bit inventive. This bride utilized her extraordinary sewing talents to transform a bigger and frumpier gown into an entirely unique wedding gown.

The initial outfit, which swamped her little figure, was dramatically changed by her. She was able to wear an absolutely one-of-a-kind dress in a lovely light pink tint on her wedding day. We bet her spouse-to-be was super impressed with her skills.

Pink Ombre

Who says wedding gowns have to be absolutely conventional? Another strategy to ensure that you stand out from the throng on your wedding day is to thrift your wedding gown. Like this imaginative bride, you may entirely express your individuality on your gown.

She discovered a lovely strapless gown with a sweetheart neckline and an empire waist. While she like it, she felt it lacked originality. So she added off-the-shoulder sleeves and dyed the bottom of the cloth in various colors of pink.

Staying Traditional

If you’re a retro-loving bride-to-be, you’ll fall in love with this one. This bride opted to go for a vintage-inspired design — with a high, boat neckline and long sleeves. With an equally exquisite gown, you may mirror Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle on your wedding day.

Traditional lace accents, sheer sleeves, and a lengthy veil will give you a royal look. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Simply go to your local vintage and thrift stores. You’re bound to find something you like.

Not-So Vintage

This dress appears to be fresh, despite the fact that it was purchased secondhand! The bride discovered a lovely antique gown, but it wasn’t the one. It was overly huge, with a frumpy high neckline and lengthy sleeves, and the lace was just too fussy.

Rather than starting all over again, one bride opted to change the garment to reflect the image she had in her head. The sleeves were reduced, the dress was tightened to match her form, and the neckline was changed to make it more comfortable.

Satin Dream

Sweetheart necklines are fashionable for a reason, especially when paired with a flattering waistline and a stunning A-line skirt. The end effect is a feminine, classic, and stylish style. To appear like a princess on your wedding day, you don’t have to go to an upscale bridal store.

Instead, go to your local thrift or secondhand store and go over the racks. Many women prefer to donate their gowns after their wedding, allowing you to discover your gown for a lower price. They do say that sharing is caring after all.

Heavenly Halter

Not every bride wants to look like a princess in a spinning ballgown made of layers of tulle and taffeta. Some ladies, like this bride, prefer a more subtle style. She was fortunate enough to find a used wedding gown that was a fantastic fit for her unique style.

This halter-neck wedding gown with a column skirt is both beautiful and stylish. You want to feel fully at ease on your wedding day, so don’t settle for anything less than perfection. Isn’t she gorgeous next to her husband?

Lace Cream

Ivory and lace are a timeless combo. Many brides want a traditional wedding, and this kind of gown produces a gorgeous and timeless image. The color of the gown fits the arrangement of flowers well, and the Queen Anne neckline is quite attractive.

Can you believe this bride got her outfit from a charity store? She probably saved a ton of money. It nearly appears to be too wonderful to be true. Fashion, they say, fades, but style lasts forever. What a true statement.

Back in Black

Who said wedding gowns have to be all white? Nowadays, brides may choose from a variety of colors and styles without being judged or ridiculed. The bride picked a stunning shade of raven black for her gown, while the lace provides a classic touch.

This daring look isn’t for everyone, but we adore how daring and risky it is. Consider the wedding photos! They must be incredibly breathtaking! She may have given some older relatives a shock, but she clearly was willing to take that risk to stay true to herself.

Flower Power

A patterned wedding gown is a daring option. On her wedding day, this lady was not scared to opt for a flowery appearance. Elegant and delicate details, such as the dazzling straps, add a level of refinement to the gown.

At her wedding, this woman sought to show off her sense of whimsy and femininity. Why not wear a clothing that reflects your personality? Check out your local charity shop to see if you can locate a unique dress like this one.

Picture Perfect

Plain white or ivory dresses might appear overly basic at times. Lace on a wedding gown is an excellent method to add depth and texture while maintaining a classic, conventional look. This dress seems to strike the perfect balance between tradition and excitement.

This bride found a magnificent lace gown at a secondhand wedding dress store, showing that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look like a celebrity on your wedding day. This gown’s open back provides a sensuous touch. This outfit has us completely smitten!

The Longest Train

You don’t need to travel to Kleinfeld to say yes to the dress. Thrift stores, unique used wedding dress outlets, vintage merchants, internet marketplaces, and re-selling platforms are all great locations to look for wonderful secondhand gowns. Think of all the money you’ll save!

This frugal bride chose a low-cost V-neck gown, allowing her to spend her extra money on accessories and other wedding necessities like flowers and food. You’d never guess her wedding gown wasn’t purchased at full price! It’s timeless, subtle, and stylish.

Secondhand Bridal Store

Many self-assured brides choose to go backless on their wedding day. If you want to go for a sexy and sassy style, go to your local secondhand bridal boutique — which is where this girl went — or go online for a dress similar to this one.

Backless dresses are flattering on all body types and sizes. Choosing a backless wedding gown is also an excellent option to reveal some flesh while retaining a refined, bridal-esque appearance. From us, it’s an unequivocal yes to this fantastic dress!

Trying Grey On For Size

This is another perfect example of a non-traditional wedding dress that will steal your breath away. This dove gray dress is great for brides who desire that delicate and attractive look, without wearing white. The ‘V’ neckline, high waistline, and empire-line skirt combine to produce the ideal silhouette.

It’s a completely one-of-a-kind style that can only be attained by thinking outside the box. Don’t be afraid to try something a little bit different. Often the color of a dress can heavily influence the price and non-white dresses are usually cheaper. You can locate a comparable exquisite outfit by shopping secondhand.

Something Different

Are you ready for another swoon-worthy secondhand find? This bridal gown appears to have been plucked from the pages of a J.R.R. Tolkien novel. This bride resembles an elf goddess, much like Liv Tyler in The Lord of the Rings.

The balloon sleeves are lively and fresh, and the lace has a magical feel to it.
Don’t give up on finding your ideal gown! Especially if you have a different idea than most for what you want. The secondhand store might be the solution.

Inexpensive and Gorgeous

You won’t believe it when we tell you that this dress was only $12! That’s right – with a little shopping knowledge, you can get a stunning wedding gown for less than the cost of a Domino’s pizza. When she was exploring the racks at her local secondhand store, this bride couldn’t believe her luck.

While this form-fitting gown was not intended to be a wedding gown, it is an ideal bridal appearance for a modern and informal wedding. The lace and deep ‘V’ neckline are stunning.

Exciting Lace Neckline

Nothing beats standing in a fitting room and taking the ‘I finally found my wedding dress’ selfie! This bride did not have to visit any pricey, upscale wedding stores. You guessed it: she found her dream wedding gown at a secondhand store.

Shopping secondhand doesn’t have to mean sacrificing elegance, as this stunning gown proves. The head-to-toe lace gives a distinctive yet timeless style, and it fits well! What an incredible find. We hope that all brides looking to save some extra money should be as lucky as her.

Online Shopping Pays Off

Trumpet-style wedding gowns are all the rage these days, and it’s easy to understand why! This silhouette’s pool of lace at the bottom is quite lovely. This bride couldn’t believe her good fortune when she came found this used deal when shopping online.

She was wearing the outfit of her dreams after a few minor modifications. With a dramatic deep ‘V’ neckline and all-over lace, it’s a stunning gown that complements the youthful bride. It’s sure to turn everyone’s head at her wedding.

Double Dress Finds

This bride couldn’t believe her luck when she discovered not one, but two thrifted wedding gowns! She now has one for the ceremony and another for dancing the night away at the reception. Many brides prefer to change outfits after the ceremony for more freedom.

With its extended length, illusion neckline, and bow, the first dress is traditional and lovely. The second frock, on the other hand, is a tea dress inspired by the 1950s, with long sleeves and a voluminous skirt ideal for spinning on the dance floor. We adore them!

80s to Now

Vintage gowns are full of character and charm. Some styles, however, are simply too out of date to operate in this day and age. With its ridiculously puffy shoulders and shimmering satin skirt, this 1980s gown is a classic example.

But you don’t have to toss your vintage gown out the window; experienced dressmakers can radically modify wedding gowns to fit your preferred design. This bride ditched the ’80s aesthetic in favor of a stunning off-the-shoulder design that elevates the gown to the status of a work of art.
It’s just stunning!

Sleeves are BS

This is another another antique gown that has been changed and modified for the modern bride. This bride thought she had chosen the one when she saw this long-sleeved, lace gown. However, it required some modern modifications to be fit for her wedding.

After a few months, she was dressed in the gown of her dreams. A skilled seamstress did her magic, eliminating the sleeves and resizing the gown to match the bride’s form. Hooray for the alterations department at your local store!

Fab Dress

This thrifty makeover will wow you! The bride in the first shot is wearing a vintage bridal gown from decades ago. It not only drowns her out, but it also appears antiquated and drab. Instead of spending money on a new gown, she opted to be resourceful.

It’s difficult to believe that the second shot is of the same gown. Long sleeves and a stuffy high neckline are no longer acceptable. She is now dressed in a magnificent strapless, empire-line wedding gown. We wonder if the first dress was her mother’s?

Dreaming of Tulle

We’d definitely go down on one knee for this gorgeous thrifted gown! It’s absolutely one-of-a-kind, with a ‘V’ neckline, flowery lace, and a lovely, flowing tulle skirt. This appears to be the sort of gown you might find in a designer bridal store.

Instead, this bride discovered her perfect gown in a wedding dress consignment shop. So she not only gets to wear a beautiful gown on her wedding day, but she also saves a lot of money! Talk about a dream come true.

Adding Straps

Purchasing a thrifted gown is a great way to save money on your wedding gown while also saving the environment and reducing fabric waste. However, when purchasing a used wedding gown, it is not always flawless. Not to worry, though.

This bride liked her gown but thought she would like it if the straps were somewhat thicker and lace. As a result, she located a great seamstress who was able to install handcrafted lace straps, giving this bride her dream wedding appearance!

Movie Star Dress

This woman struck gold when she discovered this antique bridal gown at a thrift store. It’s nearly identical to Kimberly Williams Paisley’s white gown in the cult 1990s comedy Father of the Bride. If you like the movie, you’ll adore this outfit!

Even if you’ve never seen it, you can appreciate the elegance of this traditional wedding gown. The empire-line silhouette offers a timeless shape that will never go out of vogue. Lucky for her!

The Cherry On Top

This bridal gown began its life as a frumpy behemoth, another spectacular thrift metamorphosis. It was a dowdy, ugly mid-length gown with puffy 1980s sleeves and a strange veiled bowler hat! This bride refused to accept the dowdy look and opted to redesign her entire wedding gown to reflect her particular taste.

The end product was stunning, and the garment was unrecognizable. They preserved the original bodice but added a mermaid silhouette and cap sleeves for a more elegant and modern look. Hats off to her amazing vision for this old dress.

Dress Transformation

If the thought of being the centerpiece on your wedding day gives you the shivers, avoid sweeping ball dresses. This bride opted to recreate this vintage thrifted wedding gown from head to toe, creating a whole new style. It used to have enormous sleeves and a circular, Renaissance-style skirt.

It’s completely different now! The streamlined, short skirt is ideal for elopement or casual marriages, while the round neck is delicate and lovely. Not to mention how much easier it must be to walk around without worrying you’ll trip on your skirt.

A Wonderful Ceremony

Will you accept this garment to have and keep from this day forward, for better or for worse, richer or worse, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish till death do you part? We think the answer is yes.

With its lovely, long lace sleeves and round, prim boat neckline, this thrifted wedding gown is a dream come true. This boho bridal look is to die for when paired with a gorgeous, somewhat unkempt up-do haircut. Even the groom matches.

The Weirdest Sleeves

We adore a bridal gown with a dramatic sleeve. Long, sweeping poet sleeves, ladylike cap sleeves, tiny three-quarter length sleeves, or voluminous balloon sleeves are all welcome. We’ll take all of them. This thrifted, antique dress from the 1980s, on the other hand, goes much too far.

The bride in question did not hesitate to eliminate the gown’s massive bow sleeves, exchanging them with elegant, lace straps. She also added a golden belt. The end product is far more contemporary and attractive than the original.

Flower Crown

If you saw the initial gown before it was transformed, you would never think that it would create a breathtakingly contemporary, minimalist wedding gown. This woman acquired her wedding gown at a charity store and embarked on a DIY project that would transform her into a stunning boho bride.

The Queen Anne neckline adds refinement, and she preserved some of the original design’s lace embellishments, focusing on the nipped-in empire waist more. The overall simplicity of the bottom half of the gown meant her alterations were small and likely not too difficult.

Lovely in Long Sleeves

You wouldn’t bat an eyelash if you saw this garment on the runway of an exquisite bridal couture designer. With its delicate lace sleeves, expensive-looking fabric, and stunning A-line design, it has all the markings of a high fashion gown.

The bride’s low, unkempt hairstyle lends a touch of model-off-duty glamour to the ensemble. Keep an open mind when shopping for your wedding gown, and you could just stumble across something as unique while searching second-hand stores.


If you’re a tattooed lady, you’ve definitely faced some backlash from the older generation. Those who inquire, “How will those look on your wedding day?” Instead of rolling your eyes and telling them where to go, show them this picture!

This bride discovered the ideal old wedding gown to complement her tattoos. The illusion halter neck design with sheer fabric shows her tattoos and her edgy, colorful attitude. Take that aunts and uncles! Bet you didn’t think she’d want to show off her lovely art, did you?

Charming Gown

Don’t allow the events of this tumultuous year mar your special day. Support local and small businesses by purchasing at thrift stores, like this lovely bride did! She went for a long, form-fitting trumpet gown with a dramatic ‘V’ neckline.

The end effect is a mature yet young style that is both revealing and stylish, as well as trendy yet classic. Even if your ceremony must be shortened, don’t settle for anything less than exquisite in terms of your gown!

Bridesmaid Becomes the Bride

Whether you realize it or not, this wedding gown began as a bridal party garment. Rather than spending a fortune on a traditional wedding gown, this lady chose to get an ivory bridesmaid dress and cover it with a cloak.

The end result demonstrates that you don’t have to spend a fortune to feel and look wonderful on your wedding day. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of imaginative thinking. When you look outside of the box, you can look amazing and save tons of money.

Pretty Patterns

Some things are genuinely meant to be, such as this lady and her clothing. Gone are the days when you had to go to a bridal store to find your perfect wedding gown.

You may now say yes to the dress in a thrift store, secondhand store, or even online! Reddit user u/petitpoirier purchased her outfit online for a quarter of the amount you’d expect to pay at a bridal boutique, which is why she made the list!

Nude Wonder

People, take note: this bride-to-be found her outfit from Goodwill for $6.
SIX DOLLAR PRIZE! And, as the lady herself puts it, the gown “fits like a glove and requires very little changes, so I’m feeling really happy right now.”

We’d be in the same boat! The only adjustment this lady made to her dress was to replace the present beige lining with a lighter one to give it a more wedding look. We’re sure she looked lovely on her wedding day!

Silky Goodness

And here we have another great deal owing to the internet’s miracles. While some people are hesitant to acquire garments online for fear that they may not fit properly, others opt to take the risk. And boy, did it pay off.

This bride-to-be paid less than $100 for her gown! Can you figure out where she got it? Of course, it’s Amazon! Isn’t that crazy? You can basically arrange your entire wedding on Amazon. Technology, oh technology, you’ve really changed our lives for good.

So Much Embroidery

Okay, so this bride discovered the greatest technique when shopping for a wedding dress. It’s truly an art form. If you’re reluctant to purchase your wedding gown online before trying it on because you’re unsure about the fit, do what this lady did.

She went to a bridal boutique and tried on many gowns till she found the one! Then, rather than buying it right then and there, she got it online for 70% discount! To be honest, she sounds like a pro. Maybe she should work as a wedding planner…

Flower Decorations

This bride is simply radiant, and we can see why! She not only got to marry her closest friend, but she also did so on a budget! Her gorgeous gown cost $100 on Amazon, where she also purchased her veil for an extra ten dollars.

She then purchased her earrings from Walmart for $2 and her flowers from Albertsons for $25. And there you have it, our friends, how to have the perfect wedding without breaking the bank. Take careful notes so you can save on your big day too!

Gorgeous Strapless Dress

Let’s be honest: the wedding gown depicted here is a perfect suit for this bride-to-be. And the greatest thing is that she found it at a thrift store for $30, and it’s never been worn! Are we right, ladies, that this is what dreams are made of?!

While it may have come as a shock that vintage stores feature treasures like this one, it gives you even more incentive to broaden your horizons while looking for your bridal gown. You never know what kind of cool dress you may find.

A Nude Sheath

Okay, gentlemen. Take a peek at this radiant bride-to-be! It’s obvious that she’s “found THE dress!” What’s not to fall in love with about this form-fitting lace and white pink wedding gown? And, it seems to fit her perfectly, a must with this shape.

And to think, this beauty only cost less than $200! Talk about a bargain. For those potential brides who are worried about finding the right dress within their budget, we assure you that it is achievable! And we hope that this list provides you with all of the evidence you require!

Cute Boho

As if you didn’t think you could discover any better deals than the ones you’ve already seen — Hey presto! There’s one more. This time, a lovely bride paid $20 for her wedding gown. That’s right, you read that accurately.

While this knee-length gown isn’t the most typical of wedding gowns, it’s perfect for this lady. The open back and flared sleeves make it the ideal blend of classy and sassy. Are you feeling motivated yet, guys?

Rocking the Pantsuit

We know, we know — this isn’t a wedding dress, but it’s the dress that this bride-to-be picked for her big day, and we’re in love with it! u/yr-favorite-hedonist on Reddit certainly marches to the beat of her own drum, and to that we say, work it!

This radiant beauty suggested other “unconventional brides [to] check out your local shopping locations!” She discovered the “dress” for $11.90! Yep. And she looks amazing, doesn’t she? This is maybe our favorite wedding look on this list.

Making a Ballgown

Shopping the racks at vintage or secondhand stores can lead to the discovery of some real treasures. It may be more difficult to discover “the one” than if you went to a fresh new bridal store, but we assure that the search will be worthwhile!

You’re more likely to find something completely unique that no other bride will be able to copy, especially if you change your gown to meet your chosen style. To update her style, this bride trimmed the superfluous shoulder material.

Lovely Patterns

In the wedding business, it is thought that too much lace may make a gown appear out of date. This bride opted to defy tradition by wearing a lace-forward gown with a modern twist. Her magnificent vintage gown is updated with a plunging neckline and exquisite, flowing trumpet skirt.

Her wedding gown is ideal for a rustic event, and the flower bouquet complements her look nicely. This outfit has us completely smitten!

Lacy Beauty

You don’t need a big skirt with layers of tulle to wow your guests and future spouse. With her stunning thrifted gown, this bride demonstrates that you can wear something simple and still have the ‘wow’ factor.

This full-length, column-style skirt is simple and stylish, with a touch of classic class added by the lace. Decorations can make or break a bridal appearance, and the long veil is an excellent choice.

Spirals and Swirls

When she went to her neighborhood resale store, this joyful newlywed hit the jackpot. You won’t believe it when she tells you that her gorgeous, strapless wedding gown cost only $59! She accomplished a timeless appearance with her mermaid inspired gown for less than $100.

With its sweetheart neckline, lace design, and slight ruching effect, she is sure to impress with this dress. This clearly demonstrates that buying secondhand is the way to go when arranging a wedding on a budget.

Sequins Galore

Purchasing a used wedding gown does not usually entail rummaging through old gowns from the past. If you know where to look, you may easily discover a modern look at a thrift store. This bride discovered a stunningly modern empire line gown with flowing back and glittering lace accents.

This appears to have cost a lot of money in a bridal store. It’s beautiful but boho, and it’s ideal for the laid-back bride who still wants a little glitter.

Weddings are too costly. After you’ve paid for the venue, flowers, food, and all of the other vital aspects of any wedding, you may find yourself dangerously short on funds. Every bride wants a lovely gown, but what do you do if your budget has been slashed? Go to the thrift store, as Macklemore once said. You don’t have to spend a fortune to find a gown you adore.