Congratulations on your pregnancy. You’ve adjusted to taking care of yourself and now you and your partner are making plans to prepare for when the big day comes and your baby arrives. A huge part of this preparation is developing your baby registry so that friends and family who want to support you will know what you need.

After the most obvious items like a car seat, a changing table, and a baby lounger, there are so many options for things to add to the list that creating it can be overwhelming. To help you focus, we’ve pulled together a list of baby registry ideas in the categories you’ll need to have. For kicks, we’ve added an unusual category of strange things that just don’t fit anywhere else but you can’t live without. This is one list that you’ll want to read all the way through to the end.

Stock your nursery

The nursery is probably the single most important room in your home for the baby. While you’re likely going to want to shop for major nursery furnishings on your own and make choices about how to decorate, once that’s done there’s plenty of room left for others to contribute. Some of these items (like crib furnishings or a mobile) can tie into your decorating aesthetic and you’ll want to carefully select the exact item that you want. Other items are more flexible. Here’s a list of some nursery-related items you don’t want to forget to add:

  • Diapers: You’ll go through these a lot faster than you think. Both cloth and traditionally disposable diapers are available to add to most registries.
  • Burp cloths: You’ll be surprised at how quickly you go through these items too. Buying more rather than less is always a good idea.
  • A scent-proof dirty diaper container: Once stinky diapers arrive, this is one essential that you won’t want to live without. Try to find one that is sturdy and takes regular garbage can liners so you don’t have to keep separate inserts in stock.
  • Pee-pee tee-pee cover: Are you having a boy? A pee-pee cover is something you won’t want to be without at changing time. Buy a couple in case you lose one.
  • Baby monitor: Take some time to choose the exact kind of baby monitor you’ll like. There are a lot of options for features, durability, and pricing.
  • Humidifier and filters: The right humidity can help your baby breathe and make an enormous difference if they become sick with a respiratory illness. Be sure to buy a quality brand and stock up on extra filters.

  • Prepare for feeding time

  • When it comes to feeding time, you’re going to need a lot of supplies and then, just when you think you’ve got things covered you’ll need other supplies as the baby grows into their next feeding stage. This list will help you be prepared. 
  • Bottles and the right kind of nipples: There are a lot of varieties of bottles and nipples available and these options will evolve as the baby grows. It is worth your time to do a lot of research and select a few kinds to experiment with.
  • Bottle warmers and cleaning supplies: All of those bottles are going to need to be kept clean and sterile.
  • Nursing supplies:  Nursing is a wonderful experience, but the supplies aren’t necessarily inexpensive. Let others help to share the cost.
  • Breast milk pump: If you’re planning to nurse and then go back to work, you’ll need one of these. If you’re not planning to head to work, you’re still likely to want one so that you can express and save an extra milk supply for times you aren’t around to nurse.
  • Nursing positioner: This is an often-overlooked item that helps a lot when nursing or bottle feeding.
  • Bowls, spoons, and cups: Within about six months, your baby will be ready for solid food and more variety in their diet to go along with breast milk or formula. Be sure you’re ready with these supplies.
  • Reusable baby food storage containers: These containers are great for those times when the baby doesn’t finish everything in one sitting.

    Include the weird things that make life with baby better

When it comes time for baby shopping, there’s a whole category of unexpected things that you’d never imagine you’d need in a million years. Sure, some of these items are a little weird, but once you get them, you’ll be glad to have them around.

  • Babies snot sucker: Otherwise known as a nasal aspirator, if baby gets congested and can’t breathe well, they won’t relax. This tool helps you clear their passageways as easily and cleanly as possible.
  • Baby mittens: Baby nails grow surprisingly fast and some newborns can give themselves face scratches and they move their hands. A few pairs of baby mittens will solve the problem.
  • A Do Not Disturb sign for your front door: The last thing that you need when it’s naptime is a ring on the doorbell that wakes up baby. This sign will help.
  • Front pack carrier or sling: Wearing your baby with a front pack carrier or sling will keep them close and help with bonding. It also frees your hands to do other tasks.
  • Nipple cream: Your breasts aren’t quite used to serving their natural purpose yet, and the new wear and tear on your nipples can hurt. A good nipple cream helps.
  • Breast shields: Nursing breasts leak, sometimes a lot. Felt pads that are placed between your nipples and your nursing bra can soak up any excess leakage so it doesn’t go through to your clothing.