Have you ever been in a scenario when you thought, “If only I had a camera right now…”? The folks who took these images were unquestionably at the right place at the right moment. The events recorded in these photographs, on the other hand – let’s just say that everyone who was photographed thought they were in the wrong place at the wrong moment. Some photographs are so flawlessly imperfect that it’s difficult to believe they weren’t staged. Let us promise you that none of these photographs were staged, and they are the most awful blunders the internet has seen in a long time…

Hiking With Mr. Invisible

When going rock climbing, make sure you have everything you need: water, chalk, the correct shoes… In this scenario, we hope the climber had a spare set of glasses. This shot was brilliantly taken, and if we’re being honest, it looks like a work of art.

Just one thing that is truly concerning is that this mountaineer had poor eyesight and had difficulty completing his ascent. We’re confident that when he reached the peak of this mountain, the view was breathtaking. Hope he could see it.

Foul Ball

Playing sports with your children is a terrific way to bond with them. Baseball is a popular sport in practically every family. Getting them outside, rooting them on, watching them go from first to second base – it all fills practically every parent with pride. Except for this one.

Aside from the damaged camera lens, there was most likely a black eye as a result of this. In any event, this youngster has a bright future ahead of him. We recognize an MVP when we see one.

I’ll Be Watching You

In this position, we would give everything to be a fly on the wall. We can only guess what this guy is looking at or who he’s talking to with his wife spying on him in this manner.

It almost appears as though their dog is urging him to look behind him – but he’s so engrossed in his screen that he doesn’t seem to notice. We can’t help but wonder what occurred after she took this shot; did she confront him?

Scoot Into A Mess

This is what we mean when we say “creating an impression.” This is how we envision it transpired: Tommy noticed that the sun was finally out after a long winter and, overjoyed, asked his mother whether he may finally ride the scooter he received for Christmas.

She agreed, but only on the condition that he ride on the sidewalk. As a nice boy, he answered, “Of course,” grabbed his helmet, and rushed outside. Then this occurred. Tommy rode his scooter for the first and only time.

Man Overboard!

This failure appears to be from the future. It appears that clones are toppling their originator by dumping him into a lake. This shot was exactly timed a second before he entered the water, making it the perfect fail photo.

Perhaps it was a bachelor party that went a bit out of hand? There are a plethora of possible explanations for this photograph, and we want to discover the truth. Isn’t it a lot to ask?

Split Down The Middle

We can’t stop singing, “Bai Chay Bridge is going down,” after viewing this shot. If we’ve ever witnessed a fail, this is it. This cargo ship, it appears, was far out at sea when these containers met their demise.

We hope the contents of these containers were not very valuable. We have a hunch that if a Titanic sequel is ever developed, this shot will serve as inspiration. Although, no matter how bad this was, at least it wasn’t a repeat of the Evergreen.

Weirdest Milk

This is referred to as a sticky situation. Our parents make dumb blunders as they become older. Some are tolerable, but others, well, some are as ludicrous as this one. Imagine removing milk from the fridge, pouring it into your morning coffee, and discovering that it was glue!

We can’t fault this guy’s mother; after all, this massive tub of glue resembles milk. Just one doubt: did the reality that the milk wasn’t in the refrigerator at the store trigger any red flags?

Snowed In

We’re betting that when this guy opened his window for some fresh air, he didn’t expect to see this. We’re getting chilled simply looking at this picture! In all honesty, it’s a lovely photograph.

It’s difficult to look at this without thinking of this sad automobile owner. It’s also difficult not to wonder how long it took them to defrost their automobile — and how they did it.

Calendar Failure

Mobile phones have made our lives a lot easier. Everything is literally at our fingertips. Our calendar applications sync our schedules, we use navigation apps instead of maps, and just much everyone we love and care about is just a text message away.

Diego has folks that care about him; nonetheless, the synchronised schedule is disputed. Diego had spent hours preparing for this final only to discover that he had overslept on the exam day. Diego, wherever you are, we hope you had an opportunity to take your final – and you cleared it!

Curiosity Killed The Cat

The most astounding aspect of this shot is that this furry companion managed to get onto this bookshelf without knocking anything down. It must have taken a real trick. The only issue now is getting off the shelf without damaging anything!

We can see why the owner is frightened about the cat tipping these bottles over. This poor kitten appears to be frustrated. He expects someone to fail him! And it seems like the owner cares more about their precious bottles than the cat.

Exotic Salad?

Close your eyes and envision an exotic salad full of beautiful veggies that are difficult to locate. That sounds really good. Now, open your eyes – here is Checkers’ interpretation of a “exotic salad.” Ugh, can you believe it?

We’re not kidding, baby carrots and peas. We won’t lie: the only thing that makes this salad look unusual is that it was produced at sea point – whatever that implies. It’s not even very colorful. The carrots aren’t even so much as cut in interesting ways.

Pow! In The Kisser

It’s remarkable how one minute you’re wandering around in the snow, minding your own thing, and the next you’re in deep trouble. Then, the next thing you know, a large ball of snow is thrust in your face. You have no clue how it got there.

Who would have had the guts to toss all of that snow at your face and expect you to ignore it? Then you turn back, and you’ve finally recognized the perpetrator of this heinous act. It was his mother, ladies and gentlemen.

Flying High

Why do we appreciate seeing someone perform cool bicycle stunts? Only the most vicious people would appreciate it if, God forbid, the stunt artist did not successfully land with his bike. Consider this individual. Some people may appreciate this type of thing.

It appears that he may have fallen uncomfortably after this photo was shot. First and foremost, we hope he is still alive. Second, we’re hoping he didn’t break any bones. His chances, though, were minimal. Maybe someone called 911 before he hit the ground.

It Wasn’t Me!

Have you ever stood next to a poster and noticed you resemble the person on the billboard? So, this person is a carbon copy of the “criminal” that is being apprehended. What an awkward situation he found himself in!

However, the long hair and beard are enough to create a strong likeness. It’s strange that this guy ended up waiting next to this sign at a bus stop. A Kodak moment may strike in the most unexpected locations.

The Opposite Of Dodgeball

It’s probably not a smart idea to remain motionless and pose for the camera in the middle of a game of dodgeball. That’s what occurred to this young lady, who we presume became bored. That was definitely her first mistake.

Either that, or someone offered to snap a photograph of her. Perhaps it was a two-person joke, with the photographer occupying her so that someone else could smash her in the face with the ball. It appears to be correct!

Roll Away

Have you ever been strolling down the street on your way home from the supermarket and noticed that all of your groceries are slowly dropping out from the bottom? Don’t worry, this is something that happens to the best of us.

We’re not sure which is worse: whether this happens on the sidewalk or as you’re heading up the stairs to your apartment. A bit of warning for the next time: put the items in another bag. It normally keeps things like this from happening.

Splash Zone

It’s one thing to get soaked on purpose. Plenty of people enjoy sitting in the splash zone during a show for some summer fun. But when you’re walking around and suddenly find yourself fully drenched from head to toe, it’s not a pleasant feeling.

You’re posing in front of a magnificent body of water one minute. Then, out of nowhere, a gigantic wave crashes into you, causing a massive spray of water to cover your entire body. This young lady had no idea what was going to happen.


It’s never a good look to be wearing the same outfit as someone else. It’s always embarrassing, whether it’s the same as someone you work with or someone sitting opposite you on the other side of the train.

This guy, on the other hand, noticed the irony in the situation and opted to photograph both his legs and the person sitting across from him. He broadcast it to the entire globe, and soon after, the other individual did the same.


While strolling in the rain, someone observed something flying in the sky that resembled a UFO he had seen in a movie. Initially, he felt that aliens had coming to takeover our earth. We can see how that might be a frightening experience!

As raindrops began to fall on his head, he realized he was clutching an umbrella. He is now only clutching the staff, while the real umbrella has flown away and is being swept by fierce winds. So really, he’s the alien.

False Line

Shopping is usually enjoyable; however, waiting in line to acquire the products we want to purchase is a chore, so anytime we notice a short queue, we rush to join it. You know you’ve struck the jackpot when there are just two individuals ahead of you.

What happens if those folks aren’t genuine? We’re curious how long it took this woman to realize she was in line with mannequins. She appears irritated, so we’re assuming it’s been a while… Hopefully she isn’t too embarrassed about the situation.

Major Typos

Showing our parents how much we appreciate them is something we all aim towards. Some individuals give flowers to their moms, while others take them out to an expensive supper. Then there are those who go over and above to express their love and thanks by getting a tattoo.

We know this guy had good intentions, but he made the worst mistake of his life with this one. We believe that if there had just been one misspelling, this might have been salvaged — but two? Perhaps he might ask his mother for spelling lessons?

V For Vision

We’ve all had sexual encounters with individuals we met at parties, right? We can see this guy telling his pals about the wonderful female he just met: “she was light white, and her skin was so soft it nearly didn’t feel genuine – hmm, come to think of it, she might not have been real?”

According to the expression on this girl’s friend’s face, they were all having a good time with this circumstance – who knows, maybe he met the love of his life? Maybe he thinks this is Natalie Portman come to visit his party.

Get Outta Here

Being featured on the kiss cam might be difficult if you don’t have somebody to kiss – or if the person sitting next to you isn’t interested in kissing. Which of these scenarios would you select if you had to? We’re not sure.

The shot at the top oozes awkwardness; who wants to be overtly friend-zoned like that? And yet, when we look at the bottom shot, our hearts can’t stop breaking — we don’t even need an explanation, his expression tells it all.

Reach Up To Smooch

On this wall, there appears to be a street sign for everything; perhaps they should add “Caution! Friend Zone Ahead.” This guy’s expression is the epitome of uncomfortable. He’s raising her up to kiss a person who looks exactly like him, only he’s tall enough to be a professional basketball player.

Wherever you are, bud, the ideal female for you is out there, most likely waiting to be hoisted by her best man friend to kiss you! Just be patient and keep supporting your friends like this and you’ll be known as a great guy.

Tidal Wave

When you’re the only one heading towards something everyone else is running away from, you know you’re in an unpleasant situation. We’re not sure how this person missed the massive wave heading straight at them, but they appear quite unconcerned about what’s going to happen.

Whoever this courageous individual is, we appreciate your apathy and hope you have a towel nearby — this is not going to end well. This can actually turn out to be dangerous with the size of that wave and how short the fence is.

Slip n’ Slide

Sitting in the front row of a game is a terrific way to feel like you’re a part of the action on the court. We’re thinking this isn’t the type of activity these fans expected when they purchased their tickets.

At this game, these three team supporters got a mouthful of enthusiasm (and agony). We’re confident that the next time they buy basketball tickets, they’ll think twice about getting front row seats. Maybe they’ll warn the next batch of spectators.

Bad Service

Servers frequently believe that flirting with customers would result in a larger tip. This woman demonstrated that the contrary is occasionally true. However, considering how low hourly pay for servers is, you should never decline to give any kind of tip.

When they learned they wouldn’t be getting a tip from their patrons, whomever served this table serviced themselves. If we do say so ourselves, the woman included a smiley at the end of her statement, which is a rather cruel move.

Can You Bear This?

Consider yourself on a trek. The finest part of this trip is the tunnel at the finish, which leads to a beautiful sunset. Imagine entering into this tunnel and being greeted by a grizzly halfway through. What do you do when you don’t have anyplace to run?

We’re betting that when this shot was taken, the folks who took it were attempting to figure out what to do. At the very least, they had the complete caveman experience? But, was it really worth it in the end?

Fenced In

We’re betting that the construction employees in charge of this requested whoever owns the car to move it several times before fencing it in. Maybe they were out of town or just refused to back it out when asked.

We’re also betting that every time they kindly told them that they would take action, the automobile owner rolled their eyes and mumbled, “yep, yah, I’ll take care of it,” and never did. We don’t think the automobile owner deserves it in and of itself, but we know why it transpired.

See Ya Later, Alligator

We’ve all misplaced our phones in one way or another. When we do, it’s generally a thoughtful stranger who returns it. We’ve never heard of somebody dropping their phone and having a crocodile return it. But, it’s obviously a thoughtful one.

There’s always a first time for everything. It’s a good thing whomever dropped this phone had a strong phone protector because we’re quite sure this would have been the end of their phone if they didn’t.

Burning The Candle Late

Fried green tomatoes are something you’ve probably heard of. So, how about fried apples? It’s important to feel at ease at your employment, but being too comfy might develop into a fire danger. As seen by the photo, burning a candle to create the mood while at work was not the brightest idea (pun intended).

On the bright side (pun intentional again), if you look closely, it appears like this Mac has two apples. Unfortunately, the computer is now completely unusable and may not be recoverable. We hope they backed everything up to the Cloud.

Swing And A Miss

There are some habits that you simply cannot break. When a child uses a swing, they are normally accompanied by an adult until they are confident enough to operate the stupid thing safely. This person clearly thought they were old enough not to need assistance.

But make no mistake about it: some children, and even more so, certain adults, will never learn. Take, for example, this young lady. She believed she could swing quite high until she tumbled off. It won’t be a soft landing, either.

Weird Parking

Some folks enjoy the pleasure of a garage that raises from the ground. It’s quite cool, but there’s no doubting that you’d need a lot of money to have a home with this kind of convenience. Or a nice relative.

It is, without a doubt, a valuable kind of space efficiency. However, if you have more than one car, it’s a good idea to relocate the one that’s blocking your raisable garage while you’re attempting to pull the other one out…

A Tight Squeeze

Persistence pays off – occasionally. It can put you in circumstances like this. By the looks of it, this U-Haul driver believed he could easily navigate this tunnel. He nearly made it but became caught at the very end of the tunnel.

The most embarrassing aspect about this is that there is a large sign that states no trucks. Ironically, the truck on the placard looks precisely like the one in the photo. Maybe they forgot to have a sign at the other end.

Low Riding

This limo appears to be on the verge of collapsing. We’re not sure what caused this to happen — gravity, physics, or an obstinate driver? We now know that if we ever ride in a limousine, we should request that the driver avoid slopes.

We don’t know where the occupants in this limo were going, but we’re willing to guess that a split second after this shot was taken, they stepped out and thought it would be faster to walk there.

Do A Barrel Roll

The person who landed this jet performed an excellent job. Not! This image is most likely the source of many people’s apprehension about flying. We’re not going to lie, they did a fantastic job landing; it’s just that they landed the plane upside down.

We hope that whomever was piloting this plane got out safely; we also hope that their pilot’s license was revoked. Maybe they came in during a terrible storm. Or maybe the plane flipped over after everyone evacuated.

Pop A Wheelie

At first sight, this appears to be a standard photograph. Then you saw the misaligned wheel. This boy appears to be so concentrated on what he’s doing that it’s a shame he probably went headlong onto the cement a split second after this shot was taken.

There’s nearly always a fail in the horizon, and you never know when it’ll be recorded on video. There isn’t much more to say about this mistake — except that we encourage you always wear a helmet. First and foremost, safety.

A Sinking Ship

We have no idea how someone ended up in this scenario. It appears to be logistically impossible, but it occurred. The two guys on the deck appear to be attempting to figure out how such a catastrophe occurred, and more importantly, what will happen next.

We’re curious as to which hapless crew member was dismissed as a result of whatever went wrong. Who, in your opinion, is to blame? Is the guy in the yellow shirt or the person in the blue shirt?

Hey, Hang On!

We don’t know where to begin with this shot because there is so much going on. This appears to be a position he enjoys; his girlfriend, on the other hand, is a different story. Or, she could be the girlfriend of the woman kissing the man.

It’s difficult to know if she’s furious because her lover is kissing another woman or because he’s preparing to dump her. Given that everyone at the party is wearing the same shirt, it’s hardly surprising that they’re also hooking up with each other.

Oh No…

Being cheated on is a difficult thing to deal with, so we respect this man’s bravery in coming out to the public and sharing his tale. We also like his detective’s eye; it’s not simple to discern a reflection on a computer screen.

This entire narrative is embarrassing for his ex-girlfriend, who, we’re thinking, witnessed this guy’s story along with the rest of the world. We hope he had a nice ending and that she learned from her errors!

Sprayed In The Face

This is known as Murphy’s law. Not only is this guy the only one who was wet by the sprinkler, but he’s also the only one who’s working. How did this child get to sit just behind the ONE sprinkler that is operating on the entire field?

What’s more remarkable is that no one has noticed what’s going on. Everyone is so focused on what their instructor is saying that they are overlooking the masterpiece right in front of their eyes. Although, they likely noticed a few moments later.

Owl Do

Consider the following scenario: you’re showing your coworkers images from the wedding you attended last weekend. Everyone compliments the bride on her beauty – until you notice that the groom looks a little different from how you remember him.

This shot couldn’t be more precisely placed, especially because both the woman conducting the ceremony and the bride are staring directly at the photographer. We’re not sure how an owl got to a wedding, but it was a memorable experience.

Accidental Smeck

If you’ve ever played a competitive sport, you know that nothing except the ball counts while you’re in the thick of a game. You keep your sights set on the prize, ignoring everything that could get in your way.

That appears to be what occurred with these two players; they were so desperate to get the ball that they collided. These two athletes couldn’t be much closer in this shot, and we can’t help but wonder what occurred the second after this photo was taken!

Chips Ahoy

This is problematic for a variety of reasons. To begin, what’s up with this woman’s hair? In some other universe, it’s understandable that someone would find shooting a snapshot of a pal sleeping with potato chips all over their face amusing.

But why would you photograph oneself pretending to sleep while covered in chips? This poor woman was caught in the act – can you identify the perpetrator? It seems like a weird type of picture to take of yourself, but maybe it was ironic.

A Leg Up

Let’s face it: sitting at the bar isn’t pleasant. You don’t have a back rest on your stool, the folks sitting next to you are far too close, and if you’re a bit taller than normal – you’re screwed. This guy is the epitome of the three things we just described — he can’t seem to catch a break.

Because he’s so tall, he had to choose which leg would stand guard while the other scrunched in between the two women on both sides of him. We’re hoping he wasn’t on his first date! Or that she could take a joke.

Bathroom Break Gone Wrong

Nothing is more terrifying than going to the restroom and stepping out with toilet paper on your shoe. To be honest, we’d be lying if we said it never happened to us. It’s always good when a stranger walks by and points down, implying the humiliating situation without saying anything.

These folks are regarded as angels by us. What happens if you get toilet paper trapped in your pants?! Would you like someone to inform you? We’re undecided on this one — perhaps the less we know, the better is the way to go here?!

Cart Rack

Level of savagery — 100. We don’t think we’ve ever seen such a brilliant maneuver for locating space in a crowded parking lot. Rather than driving around for hours hunting for a parking spot, they parked their automobile in the shopping cart receptacles.

It’s strange to believe that someone was so determined to park in this position that they risked destroying their car while pulling in. Our only question is, how did whomever owns this automobile manage to get out of it?

Got Spirt?

We understand that cheerleaders spend the majority of their time cheering and less time in the classroom – but “spirit” is a simple word. Looking at this is absolutely excruciating for us. We’re curious how many individuals worked on this uncomfortable sign and why no one caught the misspelled word.

We hope their professors were not among those in the audience who witnessed their humiliation. We’ve got spirit…and the realization that someone is going to have to return to elementary school. Will any of the cheerleaders own up to this egregious mistake?

Napoleon Complex

If this guy was so self-conscious about his height, why would he invite a much taller female to prom? What happened when he finally got off the stool and had to go to prom? Did she go from heels to flats? Did he stay up all night dancing with other women?

Whatever the case may be, we hope he understands that being shorter than your girlfriend is nothing to be embarrassed of and that he should walk proudly everywhere he goes. Maybe this was a joke picture?

Solitary Banking

Do you ever wait in a lengthy line and by the time you get to the teller, you’ve forgotten why you were there in the first place? Yes, we do! You can’t help but wonder what’s causing the holdup when you’re waiting in line, can you?

The secret is out…while you were waiting in line for your lunch break, this woman was enjoying solitaire – seems you could have been in and out in 10 min. What an enormous waste of everyone’s time! Maybe, except for hers.