You had one job, gender reveal. One job…

Quick Notes:

  • Several parents have learned the hard way that explosives may not be the best gender reveal devices.

  • Even the seemingly harmless “gender reveal ball” has found ways to go horribly wrong.

We get it. You’re not just a couple, you’re an epic couple. Perhaps it was even your shared love of over-the-top antics and grand gestures that brought you together in the first place. Now you’ve conceived a child and want to help them announce their gender in a truly spectacular fashion. This is all well and good, as long as you’re willing to learn from past gender reveals gone horribly wrong.

What could possibly go wrong with the idea of shooting pink or blue projectiles over a crowd with a small cannon? Plenty, as it turns out. Here you’ll get a peek into the gender reveal fail hall of shame with cautionary tales of couples whose reveals didn’t exactly go according to plan.

Only you can prevent gender reveal disasters

While a gender reveal party is sure to produce plenty of memories, recollections of forest fires aren’t exactly what most people hope for.  For a man named Dennis Dickey, however, the day that he announced his child’s gender to the world will always be accompanied by visions of flaming woodlands.

Apparently, Dickey decided to reveal his child’s gender by shooting a target that contained a colored explosive which was meant to detonate in a harmless fashion. Unfortunately, the day’s 40 mph winds had different plans, as they swept the explosives into a nearby forest and caused a 47,000-acre wildfire. The fire took around 800 firefighters about a week to put out and Dickey was slapped with a $220,000 fine. Oops!

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For a tamer example, we need look no further than the infamous gender reveal ball. These ceramic or plastic balls can be filled with either pink or blue powder that will reveal your child’s sex when smashed. You can choose any style from a baseball or basketball to a soccer or cricket ball.

Though these fun little balls can indeed be a great way to reveal your baby’s gender, they’re not without their dangers. Just make sure that dad has been practicing his swing before stepping up to the plate. Youtube is awash with footage of balls that have accidentally smacked people in the face, husbands whose bats went rogue and hit their wives in the nose, and dogs accidentally turned blue after being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Beware food and firework fiascos

As we’ve already learned, explosives of any sort aren’t always the best idea. This proved true for a couple who had a great idea of revealing their baby’s gender by setting off pink fireworks about 50 feet from their family and friends. It quickly became apparent that their choice to mount the fireworks on a close-drying rack was not the most well thought out.

While the first few fireworks shot off into the sky as planned, the others failed to follow suit. Suddenly, rather than shooting skyward, the fireworks went rogue and began firing off into a terrified crowd. As the expectant parents watched their family and friends run screaming for their lives, they realized the importance of studying up on fireworks safety all too late. The whole incident was even caught on film and can be viewed on The New York Post.


Another common gender reveal ripe for mishaps is the food reveal. If you choose this method, make sure you either use a baker you really trust or triple-check your own work. One wife decided to surprise her husband a cupcake with pink filling in the middle, only to watch in horror as he ate the entire thing in one bite. Another couple decided to bake a cake that would alert everyone to the baby’s gender with a specified color baked into the middle. What they didn’t count on was the baker taking creative liberties and including colors for both sexes.

As you can see, details are everything when it comes to the perfect gender reveal!

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