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These easy to make party favors make for precious baby shower keepsakes

Quick notes:

  • Favors are fun and can reflect the spirit of the mom to be

  • Almost all party favors can be gender-neutral

  • The right amount of creativity can result in beautiful but cheap baby shower favors

Baby showers are an important moment for any mom-to-be. They remind her of all of the love and support that she has as she begins her journey to new motherhood. Party favors are a reminder of this precious time and here are a few ideas for memorable, practical yet personalized baby shower favors. These shower gifts for guests won’t break the bank but will impress your guests.

Ideas to keep in mind when choosing your favor

Favors for a baby shower should reflect the theme of the party as well as the unique personality, hopes and dreams of the mom and her new family. Ideally, it should also be useful — something that guests may use once they get back home. Also, almost any shower favor can be gender-neutral in an array of colors and themes. Lastly, the right favor is a keepsake that the new mom, and all of her guests, will have to look back on fond memories of the celebration.

There are lots of options for gifts that you can send home with your guests. Keeping a few guidelines in mind can make your decision easier.

Try to consider these principles as you make a choice about what you’ll be sending home with your guests. A small amount of care goes a long way towards making the celebration more memorable.

1. Something that reflects the mom to be’s hobby

One way to approach gift-giving is to find something that speaks to what the new mom finds relaxing. Does she like to garden? Create art? Bake? There is a wealth of things that can reflect her interests.

  • Wildflower seed packets
  • Gifts that relate to baking
  • Music or books that reflect the mom’s taste

2. Alcohol-themed options

Sure, alcohol may be off-limits for a pregnant mama, but that won’t be the case forever. If she and the other guests like to have a good time, an alcohol-themed favor might be appreciated.

  • A “baby is brewing” beer koozie
  • Specialty labeled champagne bottle
  • Wine charms

3. Aids to relaxation

Once the baby is here, mom is going to need all of the relaxation and pampering that she can get. For that matter, many guests may need relaxation too. A home-spa themed gift may be appreciated by all.

  • Bath bombs
  • An all-natural face mask
  • Foot scrub

4. Food-related items

Almost every guest appreciates a food-related gift. As a bonus, a lot of these gifts can reflect one of mom’s favorite foods or a craving that she had.

  • A favorite snack food or something that satisfies a craving (think popcorn, or maybe even a jar of pickles for good humor)
  • Take home cookies
  • Warm drink ingredients and a recipe

5. Geographically-themed items

Items that reflect a place that is special to mom or special to the entire family can make a wonderful theme for a baby shower gift. Perhaps it is the place where one of the family members is from, or where they’re planning to raise their little one. Maybe it is the location of the parent’s honeymoon. Whatever the location, it can become a great inspiration for a favor.

  • A food that is particularly specific to an area (think New Orleans Beignets, for example)
  • Candles with scents that reflect a specific area
  • Scented oils, bath salts, or other relaxation aids with regional ingredients

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