Finding the right baby shower games isn’t as hard as it sounds

Quick notes:

  • Games can fit the preferences of any pregnant mom or her guests.

  • They don’t have to take a lot of prep work.

  • The same games can be customized for a variety of shower themes.

You’ve got a friend who’s excited beyond belief to be having a baby. You want to support her with a shower. Something that she and all of her guests will enjoy. Will games do the trick? Probably, but they have to be the right ones for your guests.

Baby shower games can be the trickiest part of the celebration. To pick the right ones, you have to keep the guest of honor’s personality in mind but also think of the age and tastes of everyone else who is there. You also have to make sure that you find games that work with any theme for the day.

The list below should help. In it, there are multiple types of games so you can pick the ones that fit best with the day.

Games for a group that doesn’t know each other very well

Sometimes, the group of people at a baby shower may not have connected to each other in the past. The only thing they have in common is their acquaintance with the guest of honor.

If guests don’t know each other very well, there are things that can help break the ice so everyone can relax around each other and have a good time.

  • Trivia quiz about the guest of honor: Even if people don’t think they know each other very well, they might be surprised to find out how much they have one thing in common: what they know about the guest of honor. A trivia quiz is something everyone can relate to.
  • Pregnancy / Baby bingo: Create some bingo boards, but instead of organizing them with numbers and the letters BINGO, simply put cute pregnancy or baby facts in each square. Make a copy of the items you filled the squares with and put them in a jar or bag. Then the Bingo caller can pull the duplicate tags like you will in a raffle, and the guests can compete to get a straight row filled in.

Games for a group that likes excitement

If the guests are good friends or in a tight-knit family, they may be up for some excitement to shake things up a bit.

  • Baby food hot potato: If a group is up for a little bit of an adventure then crank up the music, give everyone a spoon and play hot potato. Why the spoons? In this game, you’ll use a jar of baby food instead of a potato and whenever the music stops, the person holding the jar has to try a bite. Yum!
  • Baby ice cube:  Clean, sanitize, and freeze baby plastic figurines into ice cubes the night before the event. Add them to drinks. The first guest to have their ice cube melt completely has to shout “My water broke!” Then they win.
  • Measure mom’s belly: Throughout the party, ask guests to guess how big mom’s belly is. At the end of the event, use a tape measure to determine who’s guess was closest.

Games that artists and creatives will love


Sometimes a group is full of people who love to draw, color or write. Here are a couple of games that are perfect for them.

  • Decorate the diaper or onesie: This is one low-key activity that’s is pretty easy to set up. Just bring plenty of onesies or cloth diapers, non-toxic paint or marker pens and you’re ready to go. As a bonus, when it is done, the new parents will have multiple keepsakes to help them remember their guests.
  • Group alphabet book: An alphabet book is one of the most useful books in any nursery. If you can create a series of sheets of paper, each with an outline of a letter on it, guests can choose one of the pages to color, decorate, and sign. When you bind the books together, they’ll form a keepsake.

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