You’ve been at home for weeks now, and the walls are starting to feel like they’re closing in. There’s little you can do about that, but something you can do is change the face of those walls, or your entire dwelling, by doing some simple do-it-yourself interior design.

D-I-Y interior design, at a discount

Photo courtesy of letsjuststay_home via InstagramPhoto courtesy of letsjuststay_home via Instagram
Photo courtesy of letsjuststay_home via Instagram

You may be stuck inside for most of the day, but “stay at home” doesn’t mean you have to look at the same walls and decor, day-after-day, nigh-after-night. There are tons of easy ways to spruce up your home without breaking the bank. We’ve got a few of them here, whether it’s getting creative with space, or keeping the walls at bay by putting your personal touch on them.

Add rooms where there are no rooms

Celebrities may have 27 rooms in their mansions to break up the day, but you don’t. No need to worry, as we have several ideas that work for everyone, from the studio apartment dweller to home owners. What might surprise you is that you probably already have the material, and if you don’t, we’re willing to bet you can find it on the cheap.

  • Cozy reading spot – You’re probably gonna want to face a window for a reading nook, and the bigger the window the better. Most folks carve out a section of their living room for this one, given that reading nooks generally don’t come standard. You’ll want a big comfy chair, a blanket, a stool or end table, a lamp, a pillow, and whatever fanciness that makes you smile.
  • Breakfast nook – Breakfast nooks are country-chic, but even city dwellers should find them attractive too. Again, you’ll want to be looking out a window, or maybe set up in front of your patio. Start your day off right with your best view, and taking time for yourself. For this DIY project you’ll want a small table, a couple chairs, and some table decor, like a centerpiece or flowers.
  • Divide rooms with curtains – Curtains are great because they’re inexpensive, they’re dynamic, and if you want to, they’re very easy to hang by yourself. Section off your living room, or place them around your bed, then open and shut them as you please. To create them, buy wool or colored fabric, and cut to your desired dimensions. Fix a rod to the ceiling, attach, and you’re all set.
  • Spruce up an entry way, or empty fireplace – Creating an entryway is another means to create the appearance of a separate room. End tables, shelves, coat racks, and some art hanging should do the trick. As for the fireplace, luckily, spring is here! Clean it out and create a gallery of art, books, pots and flowers, or pillows.

Wallpaper design options

Homeowners have found wallpaper to be an inexpensive, creative option for decorating, but did you know that there’s options for renters too? Bring the trees and tropical feeling inside, as there’s types for decor needs and budgets. For example, did you know that Gucci wallpaper is a thing? Did you also know that you might be able to do an entire wall for around $50? Let’s dive a little deeper:

  • Designer wallpaper – There are several wallpaper designer options for the folks looking for something unique. The Gucci herbarium wallpaper is the hottest on the market, as homeowners are choosing to bring the look of plant life indoors. Designer wallpaper may require professional installation, but not to worry, as there’s wallpaper installers in just about every municipality.
  • Discount wallpaper – Wallpaper Warehouse advertises that they have designer wallpaper as well, and one look at their inventory says they’re right. More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better quality, and the patterns that are discounted at Wallpaper Warehouse are exceptionally aesthetically pleasing. They also have wallpaper for kids too.
  • Wallpaper for the renter – Wallpaper seems like it’s such a permanent fixture, but in reality, there are plenty of options for removable wallpaper. DawnLight is a great example, as they have tons of fantastic designs. Renters rejoice, as there’s no better option for transforming the look and feel of your walls.
  • Accent walls – Accent walls involve wallpapering just one wall, and designers have been taking advantage of this look for years. It breaks up the room to make it look bigger, and there are many designs that transform the material, such as wood paneling and tile.

How to DIY wallpaper

In case you don’t want to pay for professional installation of wallpaper, follow the steps below to transform your home into something unique. One 10×10 wall can take as little as an hour-and-a-half, and cost under $50, including tools.

  • Tools – Wallpapering requires only a few tools, and most them you probably already have. You’ll need a roll of wallpaper of course, a plastic wallpapering tool, clear adhesive, a paint brush (a wide brush saves time), an exact o knife, scissors, a pen or pencil, and measuring tape.
  • Measuring and prep – You’ll need the measurements prior to your DIY project, so you know how much to order. Then measure the wall, floor to ceiling, apply that to your wallpaper, and add six inches, just in case. Make your cut with scissors, and if you have a complicated floral design, place painter’s tape on design parts that reach the edge, making it easier for you to seamlessly line it up.
  • First application – The first application is the most important. First, clean the wall, and then apply adhesive to wall in a thin coat. Place wallpaper on the wall, as even and straight as possible, then run your plastic wallpapering tool along the applied paper. Double check for air bubbles, and smooth those out.
  • Applying the rest – Repeat this process, and match the gradient, accounting for a slight overlap (this is where the painter’s tape comes in handy). Use a wet cloth to remove additional adhesive.

There you have it, the ideas and means to transform, or add rooms to your home. Don’t let your home become a stale, unkept environment while you’re spending so much time there, and take advantage of these options to keep your walls beautiful, and make you smile.