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These names represent strength and character.

Quick notes:

  • Traditional names are still highly favored above the newer variations.

  • Biblical names are still considered strong and continue to hold multiple top spots.

Naming your baby boy is exciting, but there is a lot of pressure to pick the right name. Here are 10 of the top baby boy names to help you decide.


Liam has been hanging on to the Number 1 position in top baby names for boys. It was once a short form of William but has been standing firmly on its own for some time.

Liam got its start in Ireland, and it means “resolute protection”. It remains popular in Ireland but is also a favorite in the U.S. and Sweden.


Though Liam is making waves, it has not replaced the beloved name William, which has kept its name on the top ten chart. It, too, means “resolute protection”. It was once Number 3 but has been booted down slightly to Number 8.

It remains, though, as the number one boy name that begins with W. William is the name of Prince William, Shakespeare, four United States Presidents, and many other notable figures.


The Hebrew name Noah is maintaining its Number 2 spot. Its meaning is “rest; wandering”. As the Noah of the Old Testament was known as the only righteous man of his time, it is no wonder the name is making a comeback.


Asher is another Hebrew name that has graced popular baby name lists for quite some time. In the last year, though, it has jumped to Number 3. The Hebrew origin means, “fortunate, blessed, happy one”, and it can be shortened to Ash.

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Jasper, a name of Persian origin, means “bringer of treasure”. It has increased in popularity over recent years, quite possibly due to its appearance in the Twilight series, though it has shown up in several literary works.


Oliver is a Latin name meaning “olive tree”, which represents both fruitfulness and peace. It once lost popularity due to the English rule of Oliver Cromwell, but it made a comeback in the 19th century.

It now sits at the Number 5 spot of popular baby boy names but is not as widely used as its feminine counterpart, Olivia.


Hovering between the Number 9 and 10 spots is the Latin name Lucas, which means “man from Lucania”. The shortened form Luke is slowly being replaced by the full form Lucas as it is seen as more substantial.


James is of both Hebrew and English descent, meaning “supplanter”. It is the name of two New Testament apostles, numerous English royals, presidents and U.S. Chief Executives, writers, and entertainers. It has been holding its Number 4 spot as a top baby boy name for a few years now.

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Elijah is known as a strong Hebrew name which means “Yahweh is God.” It is best known for the Old Testament prophet who went to Heaven in a chariot of fire, and it still plays a big role in Jewish, Muslim, and Christian religions. It consistently rises in popularity, and it is not a stretch to think it may replace Noah at the Number 2 spot.


With the presence of so many biblical names taking some of the top spots for baby boy names, it is not surprising that Benjamin would join them. Benjamin is Hebrew for “son of the right hand”, and it has kept a place on the top 10 list since 2015.

It was the name of one of Jacob’s sons in the Old Testament who founded one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Later, both Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Benjamin Spock, two notable figures, carried on the namesake.

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