Is the last month of pregnancy full of misery or excitement? The truth is that its full of both. Here’s our listing of some of the most exciting, and most miserable moments about week’s 36 to 40.

Miserable: Trying to get to sleep

You’re exhausted all day long and you’re hoping that a good night’s rest will help. No such luck. The baby is growing larger and that means he or she is putting pressure on places you never expected. Blood vessels, your bladder, your stomach. That’s likely to mean your sleep is going to suffer. Maybe back pain or tender breasts mean you’ll have a hard time getting comfortable. Then, when your pillow placement is just right and you start to relax, you’re going to need to hit the bathroom, you have a vivid dream that jolts you awake, or you start worrying about life after baby’s arrival. This part of pregnancy is not fun. What to do: If you’re having trouble getting to sleep, don’t suffer too long between the sheets. Instead, get out of bed, try another place to sleep or do something enjoyable and calming until you’re ready to try sleep again.

Exciting: Knowing you’ll meet your little one soon

That last month of pregnancy you know that it is just a matter of weeks or days until you meet your little one. Your immediate and extended family may share your enthusiasm. Soak it all in and try to enjoy the last minute preparations.  You’re about to experience some wonderful first moments.

Miserable: Pee happens all the time

When you’re pregnant, pee happens and it happens a lot. It comes on a bump during a car ride, when you bend over to pick something up, or even the weight of your body when you stand up after you’ve just used the toilet. It comes when it wants to and there’s no stopping it. What to do: Extra maxi pad use might not be a bad idea at this point.

Exciting: Interacting with your almost-arrival

Pregnancy, even in the last month, is a special time. It may seem hard to believe now, but there’s a chance you may actually miss this time in your life and with your soon to be born child. Talk to your baby, play music for them, or take moments to be mindful of them moving. Many experts believe that babies can be aware of these kinds of interactions and the quiet focus may also be helpful in lowering your stress level.

Miserable: There are lots of bodily fluids

There’s no way around it. For many women, the last month of pregnancy is full of bodily fluids. Your breasts might ooze early milk and you might leak urine or mucus or blood. You also might experience hemorrhoids or other issues with your circulatory system due to how your body has had to change for the baby. All of these are challenging. What to do: These are all a typical part of pregnancy and there’s not a lot you can really do. Your doctor may have some ideas of things to help your specific situation, so it is worth asking them.

Exciting and miserable: Other people

You know that pretty soon life with your family is going to change dramatically. You will no longer be a couple, your current child or children will have someone else to share your time with, or your beloved pet may not be the sole focus of your life. This last month is a great time to relish the dynamic in your family as they are. If you’re up to it, try to create some time to get away together. If that feels like too much to do, spending time at meals together, over a game or on the couch with the TV may

You may realize that this last month is a special time to spend with family before the baby comes, but dealing with them, or anyone else, might be the last thing you want to do. Strangers or acquaintances with unsolicited advice, your partner’s snoring, your kids’ rowdiness may make you want to lose it. This is all normal.  Pregnancy hormones, lack of sleep, the stress about the baby’s delivery and other life changes are taking their toll. Take the time you need to be on your own and don’t feel guilty about how you’re feeling. If you can reserve some goodwill for those closest to you, that’s great. If you can’t, don’t beat yourself up over it.

Exciting and miserable: Thinking each day is delivery day

As the month draws to a close, the baby could come at any time. Whether you’re miserable or excited, it seems like it will take forever for the baby to come. Every day you are certain that today is the day.

This is one fact of late-stage pregnancy that has its good and bad sides. Something that has been your focus for the better part of a year is finally going to come and you’ll meet your new arrival. That’s the exciting part. But every time that it doesn’t come, particularly if you find out you’re early after a “false alarm” visit to the hospital, can be a letdown. You start to wonder if the big day will ever arrive. Rest assured, the baby will come when the time is right. All of your pregnancy experiences are leading to this moment and the results will be worth it.