Unsplash / Zach Lucero

Parenting is tough. It requires a lot of patience, a lot of love, and a lot of creativity. Just ask these celeb moms with the genius celebrity parenting hacks.

Hair ties tie more than hair

Did your kid’s diaper or pull up rip on the side? Did you forget to pack an extra? No biggie…as long as you have a hair tie. Celeb mom Kristen Bell quickly fixed a broken pull up on a plane by using a hair tie to hold it together.

As an added tip, hair ties are also wonderful for times when your youngest daughter has somehow messed up every item of clothing she owns. Now, she needs a shirt and shorts until her clothes are through drying, but all that is available is something from your older daughter or even your own drawer. Hair ties can tie the too-big clothes up so they actually fit for the moment.

They can keep the little ones safe, too

At home, moms have learned to keep dangerous things out of the way- preferably on the highest shelf possible. Sadly, hotels and non-parents have not caught on, but Drew Barrymore learned how to keep all our babies safe. She carries extra hair ties with her everywhere she goes to tie down anything of potential danger. Genius!

Speaking of Kristen Bell…

As Kristen Bell says, kids are going to notice the difference in skin tones among different races. That is normal and we should expect no less. The trouble comes in with how those differences are interpreted, so Kristen and husband Dax make sure that their kids interpret the differences positively by pointing out how cool they are. Respect, Princess Anna!

Words are powerful

Some may assume that when your mom is an Olympian, you automatically want to be healthy. Apparently not. Elka Whalen had to come up with her own hack for her kids to eat healthily. She simply refers to candies, cookies, and desserts as “sometimes food” and to the healthy stuff as “everyday food”. It is simple yet powerful, and all parents can appreciate any hack that has their kids wanting to eat better.

Multitasking really does work

Multitasking may not work in the office, but it sure can be a lifesaver for a parent. Jessica Biel knows this all too well as she has learned that sometimes, breakfast and shower just have to be done together. It’s cool, Jessica. You can get a normal peaceful breakfast again in about fifteen years or so.

There’s no shame in the body game

Another Jessica Biel hack…she and JT have decided to keep it real with their kiddos. By showering with kids when they are little and being very straightforward about body parts, children are less likely to feel shame with their bodies as they grow. Gwyneth Paltrow showers with her kids, as well. They are not the only ones to embrace the nudity, though…

Naked days

Christina Aguilera spends whole days naked around her son. Her reasoning? She, too, believes that as he grows, nudity will not be so odd. These celebs may be on to something, but let’s not start a nude revolution just yet.

Enough to go around

When Kim Kardashian’s daughter was jealous of her newborn sibling breastfeeding, she looked for a way to avoid the drama. She puts a milk carton and a straw under her bra for North to drink from during nursing sessions. Now, there is enough milk to go around.

Financial education should start early

Elton John is a proponent of this fact. He has his sons work for money around the house, such as kitchen duty. He then makes them split it equally into three jars: charity, spending, and saving. It is comforting to know that even some star’s kids have to make their own money.

Make bath time more comforting

For some babies, bath time is absolutely great. And it can put the little angels to sleep. For others, bath time is more of a crying fest. Often, this begins as soon as their little backs and bottoms hit those cold and slippery baby tubs. Chrissy Teigen solved this problem by putting her baby’s blanket under her while she takes a bath. Now sweet baby Luna is warm, comforted, and not slipping around like a worm. That is what we call a mom win.

Always take some extra clothes…for yourself

After an uncomfortable and pretty smelly airplane ride thanks to a baby mess, Hilary Duff started packing extra clothing for herself as well as her kid. This is a great idea for all mommas.

The safety trick of the year

Ok, so we have mentioned Kristen Bell a couple of time, but she is such a fun and awesome mom, can you blame us? When her kiddos get out of the car, she says, “Hands on the circle!” The girls place their hands on the gas tank, and they remain there while mom gets whatever she needs out of the car. What makes this hack even better is that she stated this trick actually came from her sister-in-law. Maybe the best parenting hack of all-time is being humble enough to listen to advice from other parents to find what works for you.

Parenting is challenging, regardless of your celebrity status. These celebrities figured that out and got creative in their solutions. In most cases, no amount of money can be the creativity needed to live life well. Take a lesson from these moms: adapt and overcome the situation.