Mariannah Harding is only 16 years and has already earned a college degree. If that wasn’t impressive enough, she comes from a family of high-achievers – alongside her nine siblings, all of them started their college degrees before their 13th birthday.

Mariannah had been homeschooled for years before the pandemic, so when everyone was sheltering indoors, life didn’t really change much for the Harding kids. “During a regular day, we weren’t necessarily all together,” Mari`annah explained. “We might be in the same room or we’re working on different subjects at a time.”

“My Kids Are Not Any Smarter Than Anybody Else’s”

For Mariannah, her high school education was already finished by the time she was eleven years old. And according to the mom, the fact that her kids are ahead of everyone else their age academically is purely down to motivation, not genetic makeup. “My kids are not any smarter than anybody else’s – they’re really motivated and they’re very hardworking – but really feel like anyone can get these kinds of results,” the mom stated.

It’s would be easy to label the Harding parents as pushy or too strict, but it appears that the children’s passion for what they’re studying is at the heart of their home. The mom said: “Figuring out what their passions are when they’re young is key.”

What next for a 16-year-old with a college degree like `Mariannah? She wants to do her Master’s degree next in horticulture at Auburn University in Alabama. “So, I hope to learn more about gardening, and plants, and all of the benefits that come with that because obviously agriculture plays such a big role in our society,” Mariannah explained. With kids like the Hardings, the future looks brighter.