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Giving birth is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world- and the most painful. The more tips you can have up your sleeve for your big day, the better, and this viral comb hack has become a popular one.

Preparing for the big day

As the time for your little one to make his or her appearance grows closer, the excitement and anticipation grow, as well. Like Santa Claus, you make your list and check it twice. Your nursery is set up and ready to go, the car seat is fastened in as tightly as it can possibly be, and every baseboard has been scrubbed. You have read all of the books and magazines, completed more Internet searches than you care to count, and you finally feel like you are ready for this adventure.

All that is left to do is to pack for the hospital stay. Packing a hospital bag is exciting for moms-to-be. Imagining what your little one will look like in all seven outfits you have packed, checking and double-checking that you have enough socks and hats for an arctic blizzard, just in case, and fitting everything in so it fits just right.

There is one more thing to pack before you are done: a comb. Wait, what? You read that right- you need to pack a comb, and not one for your hair. This one will serve an even greater purpose. It will make those labor pains a little more tolerable, says moms and doulas all over the Internet.

Is it strange? Maybe, but it is often the strange laboring tips that are most effective, just as this comb trick seems to be. During labor pains, try squeezing the comb in your hand to help you through contractions. The comb can actually hit pressure points in your hands that will take your focus off of the labor pain.

It may sound hard to believe, but acupuncture has been around for centuries as a form of pain relief and more. It continually proves to be a very effective practice, so it is no surprise that it can alleviate labor pain. Though you will not be getting a full acupuncture treatment, you will be putting the foundational principle of it to work for you.

What moms are saying

When this viral comb hack hit the web recently, moms all over began to comment on how they have tried it or a similar hack with great success. The concept of squeezing something during labor contractions is definitely not a new one. Though the comb hack is just recently being shared across the Internet, many other squeezable items have been put to good use during labor and delivery.

Moms have shared that they have used water bottles, stress balls, porcupine toys, their partner’s hands, and pretty much anything they were able to get their hands on. While you can choose whatever item you like, the pointier it is, the better chance you have of hitting those pressure points. In the midst of that pain, though, the type of object does not matter as long as there is something to squeeze.

If you decide to use this viral comb hack on your big day, you should hold it correctly for the full effect. When you squeeze the comb, the teeth should be pressing into the base of your fingers. This will have the teeth hitting multiple pressure points, increasing the number of sensations in your hands. The more sensations you feel in your hands, the less you will pay attention to the labor pains.

Other natural forms of labor pain management

For as long as there has been labor, there has been some form of natural labor pain management. Walking has always been a favorite, and it helps the body move things along a little quicker. For most, though, it is not so much that walking makes the pain go away as it is simply uncomfortable to sit still during labor.

For many ladies, massages work well, too, especially those in the lower back. Having your partner or doula massage your back during contractions can take the focus off of the pain. These massages are not gentle ones, though. It is more about putting pressure in a different spot than where the labor pains are occurring so that you can focus your mental energy on something else.

Water is also a very helpful form of labor pain management. Many water births have been carried out over the years, the results of which are very favorable. Some women who have experienced a water birth refuse to try any other form of delivery.

While water births are one way to utilize water, warm showers prior to the actual childbirth can also be wonderful. Once your water breaks and your contractions speed up, showers will not be safe. If you want to use this tactic, do so in the earlier stages of labor.

Breathing deeply with focused and intentional breaths during the pain can ease some of the discomfort. Meditating or focusing on one thing, like a picture, helps some moms. For others, a certain song or calming scent helps.

When it is time for you to give birth, which hacks and laboring tips you try will be up to you. The more tips you have in your arsenal, the more you have to test. Remember to pack your comb, stress ball, and any other item you think might help.