Your gender reveal is a unique expression of your growing family

Quick notes:

  • Think about who you are as a couple and what you like to do

  • Consider fun, out of the box ideas that no one else is going to do

  • It isn’t that hard to extend the theme of the reveal moment into the rest of the party

A huge milestone in any pregnancy is the day that you’ll know if you’re going to have a boy or a girl. One of the best ways to involve family and friends in this excitement is to gather them for a celebration while learning of, and announcing, the sex of your new bundle of joy.

These celebrations are full of joy and almost always represent the spirit of the couple and their hopes for their new family. Here are three unique gender reveal ideas that can be tailored to your couple style. Any of them will make for a moment that you and your guests will always remember.

Involve your dog in the party

If a dog is part of your family, they’ll be an important part of your new baby’s life too. Involve them in the day by having them deliver the important news to the party at just the right moment.

How can you make this happen? Have the news placed in a sealed envelope and attached to your dog’s collar in a way that can be easily removed. Then, when the time is right, open a door to let them into the party and then undo the sealed envelope.


If you want to expand this moment into the rest of the celebration, it isn’t that hard. Incorporate pet-themed snacks, decorations, and music for your guests to enjoy. Once the celebration is done, you can even send guests home with pet-themed favors.

Breakfast/brunch gender reveal that will crack everyone up

While a lot of gender reveal celebrations occur during the late afternoon or early evening, there’s no reason that the celebration can’t happen over breakfast or brunch. If this is more your style, consider a fun, offbeat egg-themed reveal idea.

To bring this theme together, hardboil enough eggs so that each of your guests, and you and your partner, can have one. Then dye half of the eggs blue and half pink. Have someone who is aware of the baby’s gender, dye a raw egg in the appropriate color. When reveal time comes, have the guests mush their egg together. The guest who mushes the raw egg will have a huge mess — and the fun of revealing the baby’s gender to everyone.

This party reveal can easily be converted into a larger theme for the celebration. Eggs, chicks, and other symbols of life and fertility can be placed just about anywhere. And there’s no end to the number of egg-themed dishes and accompaniments that you can serve.

Host a spicy taco/piñata party

If you want to add a little spice to your celebration, this party may be the perfect choice.

A few years from now when your child is a bit older, there’s a good chance you’ll be hosting a birthday party for them that includes a pinata as the main party game. There’s no reason that this tradition can’t start before the child is born. You can order a pinata that is filled with either pink or blue confetti (the pinata maker can receive instructions from your doctor’s office on which color to use) and then is opened by guests during your celebration.

If you’re interested, there are tons of ways that you can expand this theme into your larger party. Festive decorations and music will do the trick. You can also serve tacos, fajitas, nachos, churros or other kinds of southwestern food, or can schedule a taco truck if that’s handier.

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