Jimmy Fallon recently turned to Twitter to inquire as to why people are single. In classic Jimmy flair, it featured the funniest, strangest, and most unbelievably honest replies on his program, from discovering unusual food in your hair to refusing to pursue waterfalls because TLC said so (Seriously?)

We promise you’ll like these #WhyImSingle reasons, whether you’re in the dating pool hunting for that special someone or you’re already married. With this thread, we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a good chuckle. You might even be able to connect to some of these reasons.

Which Came First, Cereal or Milk?

We all search for red indicators to rule out possible mates. Is there a job for them? Are they courteous? Please let me know they aren’t married! Redda, one of our friends, has a red flag of her own, and it’s rather embarrassing. This is something only genuine weirdos do, and it might be the reason Redda is still hunting for love.

Her #WhyImSingle is due to the fact that she pours milk… before her cereal Shudder. Isn’t it something only ‘cereal killers’ do? To tell you the truth, we’ve never tried it. We’ve heard about people who have done it and seen them on television, but we’ve never met one in person. It appears self-evident that the cereal goes into the bowl first. Don’t worry, Redda; your milk-first companion is probably eating their cereal someplace.

Miss Independent

Nancy’s #WhyImSingle is sure to resonate with some of our female readers. In this scenario, her independence was endangering the ego of her possible boyfriend. Goodbye! Nothing is more repulsive than a man who feels intimidated by your success. A true partner will meet you where you are and help you achieve your goals. Take a look at what Nancy’s date told her straight out.

She’s a strong lady who doesn’t require the company of a man. At the very least, we should applaud his sincerity. Nancy, keep doing what you’re doing! You’ll discover someone who admires your independence rather than being frightened by it, and who is eager to contribute to your health and prosperity. There are stronger men out there.

A Nervous Handshaker

Imagine getting complimented on your appearance. What is your reaction? Isn’t it just a simple “thank you”? Do you repay the compliment? Perhaps a firm handshake will suffice! On a first date, it’s quite acceptable to hesitate and fumble, but Siv’s meeting is beyond awful. Communication skills are essential, and anxiety may occasionally get in the way.

Let’s sympathize for a moment. We’ve all experienced the anxiety that comes with first dates. You gulp, sweat, and stammer… When they say something kind about you, you shake their hand. What are the chances? Is it really that bad? Perhaps she has a strong handshake!

The Cat’s Pajamas?

Nicole, those of us who have furry pals understand. We’ve got your back. Who doesn’t want their dog to have matching pajamas? Come on, tell it like it is. The ordinary individual is unlikely to sift through four Targets in search of them, but hey, devotion is a nice attribute in a relationship, right?

You’ll track down your Mister Right. He might simply have to share your enthusiasm for dogs. Wear those identical pjs till then. Don’t you think the two of them are adorable? Maybe put them in a different drawer until you’ve gone on a few dates. Isn’t it true that you should keep your craziness hidden till you can catch them?

Chain Letters

Ryan claims that the scourge of junk mail is the reason #WhyImSingle. You’ve seen them: e-mails with subject lines like “Forward this to 10 people or you’ll have terrible luck for the rest of your life.” Isn’t it true that we’ve all removed those? Is anyone passing such chain mails on to others? Is Ryan on to something, or is he just making up reasons?

I would have died a long time ago if that trash mail had been genuine. Sorry, Ryan, but I don’t think you can blame your lack of prospects on junk mail. Perhaps it’s time to take a hard look in the mirror and reconsider your dating strategy. It begins with accepting responsibility for your shortcomings and striving to be the best person you can be.

Sharing Is NOT Caring

Aquarius isn’t in the mood to share her dinner… with anybody. This isn’t about the sign, but about this Twitter person. Her #WhyImSingle is a conscious decision. We understand your apprehension about sharing your meals, as well as your life, with another person. It’s terrifying, and it’s a major commitment! Maybe one day she’ll meet someone she’ll want to share her life with.

I don’t think we can blame someone for refusing to share their meal. If you’re looking for love, though, you might want to make an exception. Relationships are all about “what’s mine is yours,” after all! It’s conceivable she’ll meet someone who has the same aversion to sharing meals as she has. You don’t mind sharing when you discover the one, though.

Always Avoid Hot Food

Riderette eagerly arrived for a brunch date, only to fall in the most humiliating way possible. Embarrassing, to say the least. Make a mental note to check that the meal isn’t overly hot before shoveling it into your mouth. You should always blow on your food first!

I’m sure it’s not the love tale they were looking for. We’ve all made mistakes, but I believe Riderette takes the cake. And to top it off, she farted. Also, who drinks hot coffee with hot potatoes?

Burping For Glory

Ever been so excited that you unintentionally burped? Betty has been through a lot. The boy she liked finally asked her out, but things didn’t go as planned. Because gas might be a symptom of nervousness, she isn’t entirely to blame. Covering your mouth or sucking that burp in, on the other hand, could have salvaged her chances of getting a date though.

She waits for her crush to ask her out. Then it’s time for her to shine! She burps in his face as he makes his move. That’s a fairly solid explanation of #WhyImSingle, in our opinion. At the very least, she didn’t sneeze, did she?

Doggone It!

One of the worst things that may happen on a date for a dog owner is finding out their date isn’t a dog person. At the very least, your date should appreciate your precious baby. It’s impolite to leave in the midst of a date, but I can’t say I blame Jesse for doing so. We would have followed suit.

We can’t blame Jesse for cutting the meeting short, especially considering he showed his companion a photo of his lovable, cuddly pet. His date reacted with disdain when he saw a photo of his (presumably lovely) dog — a dog that, I’m sure, is a much-loved member of his family. It’s probably best to get rid of them as soon as possible.

All You Can Eat

Who doesn’t enjoy an unlimited buffet? We can’t stop you from stuffing your face. Jeanne, on the other hand, may have gone a bit too far. We don’t think we’ve ever been THAT hungry, therefore she must have fasted before this date. Perhaps not the finest place for a first date.

Her date may have been terrified by the 20 platters of meat or her incessant gobbling. Jeanne, don’t give up hope. Some guys are unappreciative of a lady who eats well. Alternatively, perhaps the amount can be reduced on the following date. In the interim, enter an eating contest since 20 plates of steak is a lot of meat!

I’m A Serial…Monogamist

It’s generally better not to say “I adore serial murderers” on a first date when asked about yourself. Keep the mystery alive. Talking about your family, profession, hobbies, or interests is a common answer. You don’t want your date to be concerned about where you’ll bury the body.

However, I like Weslee’s candor. It’s critical to stay true to oneself at all times. Perhaps you could ease them into your murder obsession next time, or reserve it for a real chat about TV or entertainment interests. We doubt your preoccupation with crime shows is the most intriguing aspect about yourself. It might be helpful to arrange conversation subjects ahead of time so you don’t verbalize your guilty joys that should be saved for date two or five.

Courtesy Curtsy

Giving a little curtsy is about the most courteous thing you can do. It’s also a fairly odd method to meet a beautiful woman in the twenty-first century. Nerves can get the best of us at times, but we’re not sure we’ve ever been so anxious that I curtsied at someone.

Emilie’s shot may have been missed this time. Given #WhyImSingle, I doubt the lovely lady thought her curtsy was charming. The lady was most likely stumped as to how to react to her welcome. Next time, milady, I think a simple “hello” would enough.

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

We’re not going to lie: we believe Jackson is brilliant on this one. We’re not sure about you, but we wouldn’t end a relationship over this. We all appreciate munchies, particularly popcorn, when watching a movie. Jackson has created the lazy man’s snack dish, which we think is fantastic.

Gather together, snack-obsessed, for I’ve got the man for you! Jackson puts on a hoodie backwards and pulls out a popcorn bowl. What’s the best part? His hands are free since he doesn’t have to hold it. He’ll probably get a couple crumbs in there, but that’s why there’s laundry, right?

Fly, You Fools!

That is, from the first date.
Fans of the Lord of the Rings will most likely identify with Lindsay. Holding out for Gandalf is a great strategy to avoid getting married. Lindsay, I’m sorry to say this, but I don’t believe he’ll be arriving anytime soon. However, it’s a fun fantasy.

Who hasn’t wished for Gandalf to appear and take them on an adventure? He’s a very endearing character. Any fantasy enthusiast will long for an action-packed adventure with devoted companions after reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy. If Lindsay wants a second date, she may have to leave her aspirations in the Shire.


…the fries of this Twitter user. For them, it’s a deal-breaker. Sharing is not the same as caring. This appears to be a common subject among singles.
Because she is “very rigid” about her no-sharing policy, we believe she is unafraid to smack a hand away from her plate without apologizing.

To be honest, we’ve all met folks who claim they’re not hungry just to grab for your fries 5 minutes later. However, in the sake of finding love, loosen that policy just a smidgeon. After all, dating presumes that you’re willing to share your entire life with your lover, right?

A Family Of Saboteurs

We all want the best for our siblings, which includes finding a suitable companion. Sara’s sisters, on the other hand, may have gone a bit too far. When it comes to dating, it appears that they don’t trust her judgment. Maybe they’re correct, and they’re the ones who should know better. In any case, it’s probably not their job to frighten her dates away.

Perhaps the first person she dated was the one for her, or perhaps her sisters should give the other males a chance. It’s possible they’ll be pleasantly pleased. Are they taking out the garbage, or are they sabotaging Sara’s chances of true love? The world may never know.

Clothes Off First

That is, your filthy street clothing. Darcy doesn’t want anyone wearing their street clothes near her lovely, spotless bed. We can’t say we blame her for her actions. If their clothing are indeed filthy, we can understand. Nobody wants to sleep in filth from who knows where. But, when you go home, do you change your clothing before even approaching your bed?

By no means is cleanliness a bad attribute to have. Her dates may think she’s being devious when she asks them to bring a change of clothing. Is Darcy being theatrical, or is she just trying to keep her clean sheets? This one has us on the fence.

Cannot Be Avenged

Tanya had made an attempt. She did it on purpose. Unfortunately, she, too, lives under a rock and has obviously never watched any of the Avengers films. It’s difficult to determine whether she was only trying to impress her date or attempting to be someone else in her #WhyImSingle. In any case, her date does not appear to be impressed with her endeavor.

Well, maybe she tried. Plenty of people get their crush interested by feigning love for their crush’s hobbies, but maybe you should try just being honest next time. He’d probably enjoy explaining the MCU.

The Other Civil War

On the same side of the spectrum, we have Grace. Nowadays, when people talk about Civil War, it’s natural to assume they mean the MCU and the subsequent Avengers movies. Grace, unfortunately assumed her date meant the American Civil War.

To be fair, there’s plenty of interesting trivia about a war that had such an enormous impact on our country. But, maybe try keeping up with pop culture a little more than not at all?

Hope You Guess My Name

This guy greets Isabella with a clever ice breaker: Isabella must guess his name. This was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about someone, beginning with his name. If you were given the same task, what “T” names would you come up with?

You could think of “Tyler,” “Thomas,” or “Ted” while considering male names that begin with the letter “T.” Isabella thought of the first “T” name that came to her. It just so happened to be her dog’s name, Tigger. He didn’t appear too pleased to be addressed by her dog’s name. However, we don’t believe this is a deal-breaker.


If you’re curious about this Twitter user’s blood type, here it is. When people ask what your personality type is, you usually think of physical or personality traits you’d want to see in a possible spouse. Erin had a different connection in mind, as well as an unexpected reaction.

When questioned about her type, Erin embarrassed herself by revealing her blood type. To be fair, the interviewer didn’t specifically question her preferences in guys. But did they need to? We’re not sure whether blood type was the first thing that came to mind, but they could’ve been more precise.

You’re Pretty…Pretty Ugly

It’s one thing to tell your crush he’s attractive. It’s another thing to take it back and call him ugly! Sarah made an awful praise and an even more humiliating insult in a panicked moment. In this #WhyImSingle tale, her anxiety got the best of her. She should have just said “beautiful.”

Sarah appeared to be in a state of terror, and we can understand why. So, what’s the best way to recover from anxious word vomit? It’s probably not a good idea to ask Sarah. Girl, walk it off and try again the following time. In comparison to some of the other stories on the list, it’s actually not that horrible.

Yummy In Her Tummy

This one seems like it came right out of a horror film. As she introduces her boyfriend to the family, this Twitter user should definitely reserve her tiny cousin for last. And it’s not going to save the best for last. It’s embarrassing enough to stroll into a family gathering and discover a relative with cannibalistic tendencies.

To be fair, we may not return if we witnessed an 11-year-old munching on ribs and threatening to devour ours. Horror movies are composed of stuff like this. We can’t determine if it’s spooky, humorous, or both. What are your thoughts? More than anything, it’s probably creepy.

Oedipus Complex

It’s possible that asking someone to describe their connection with their mother isn’t the greatest method to learn about their family. “Tell me about your family,” is all that is required. This Twitter user, on the other hand, binge-watched so many episodes of Criminal Minds that she went on a date as a BAU member.

Michelle utilizes a man’s connection with his mother to rule out possible serial murderers, even though it might foreshadow how he would treat other women in his life. Someone, we believe, watches a bit too much television.

David Attenborough In Training

When we’re bored, we all have peculiar hobbies that we like. Rae’s is undoubtedly one of the most amusing. Have you ever turned off the television and made up your own comedic speech for the characters? We used to do that when we were kids, and it’s a fun way to pass the time. See how Rae puts it to use in her practice.

Rae will never bore her beaus, that is for sure. Who knows, as a voice actor or narrator, she might be able to make it huge. She has the potential to be a true artist. She can at the very least tell you how attractive you are in five different accents. Cute, right?

Goo Goo Gaga

Some individuals are uncomfortable with newborns since they don’t have much experience with them. Perhaps they are an only kid from a tiny household, or perhaps they simply aren’t fond of little children. Adriano’s #WhyImSingle may resonate with many who are uncomfortable with infants.

In any event, Adriano prefers to inquire about the weather or their opinions on the Presidential debate from a newborn. In a strange way, we’re sure some lucky woman will find that appealing. Just because someone is uncomfortable with children doesn’t imply they won’t make good parents.

Love Is Hard To Define

It might be tough to express your feelings for someone. “You give me butterflies” is a cliché, but it’s true. Don’t worry, C.L. has you covered with a suitable substitute. You don’t want to come across as cliched, so create up your own romantic proverbs. It doesn’t appear to be working in their advantage, though.

We applaud him for attempting to outdo butterflies. What’s more impressive than butterflies? Eagles. His attempt was both ingenious and ridiculous. We can’t say we blame him for voicing his mind. We may even embrace this proverb. Surprisingly, we enjoy it! Regrettably, his date did not share his enthusiasm.

A Hairy Situation

We’ve all had days when we’ve been a touch sloppy, unshowered, and unkempt. Have you ever discovered stale food in your hair? That’s a whole new level of sloppiness. I’m curious as to how long Marie went without recognizing her unwelcome hair addition.

Marie’s #WhyImSingle is a stray noodle from who knows when that she discovered trapped in her mane. Keep that one to yourself when you’re in the shower, girl. The good news is that she has the ability to fix this. It’s all a question of routine.

Slap That Bass

Is there a reason why bassists are among the most despised and misunderstood musicians? Quentin feels that the fact that he plays bass is the reason #WhyImSingle. Women are usually drawn to musicians. Is there an exemption for his instrument?

We appear to be out of the loop in this situation. What’s the matter with bassists? Quentin appears to be a comedian. Remember, Quentin, that ladies adore musicians! Perhaps it’s your abilities rather than the instrument that’s the problem. In any case, court her with your wonderful music, and we’re confident she’ll fall in love with you.

To Shave, Or Not To Shave?

Laura has a problem with commitment, but it’s not the type you’d anticipate. Laura’s #WhyImSingle is likely to resonate with women all across the world. When dating, you must present yourself in the best possible light, which may be time-consuming! Furthermore, you may not always feel like putting up the effort; you want your date to enjoy you just the way you are, a natural.

Who wants to make the commitment to shave every day? We can all agree that shaving every day is a huge hardship for women. Laura’s reason #WhyImSingle is the prospect of having to shave on a daily basis, according to her highly relatable tweet. Laura, we don’t fault you!

Quick On The Draw

To be honest, this person could have been more specific in his request. As with Shi’s #WhyImSingle, a one-word query may be readily misunderstood. To avoid humiliation, it’s a good idea to ask for an explanation.

Was it Shi’s pure conjecture or a simple miscommunication? Isn’t it possible that this might have happened to any of us? Shi is in a bad way. Do you think she’ll be able to talk herself out of it? In any case, a #WhyImSingle that makes you cringe.

Your Own Fault

What are your thoughts on Uncle Rob’s #WhyImSingle? What looked to be a thoughtful, romantic gift was actually a complimentary doughnut. One technique to put out the fire is for him to respond in this manner.

He had the perfect chance to take advantage of the free doughnut, even if it was free. He didn’t have to tell the truth about where the doughnut came from. Uncle Rob, a plain “You’re welcome” will do next time.

Oh Captain, My Captain

When a lovely girl says hello, who doesn’t become nervous? It’s the ideal opportunity to strike up a discussion or just respond with a “Hello.” We couldn’t finish this compilation without getting a reaction from Jimmy. The comedian always begins his viral threads with a personal anecdote.

We can’t help but imagine the outcome of this amusing meeting. Jimmy, at the very least, appears to have improved his welcomes since then. We wouldn’t describe him as bashful, but you never know what may happen when you meet an attractive female who catches you off guard.


On a dating app, this Twitter user was BURNED by his match. Brendan’s match went above and above to provide him dating app tips. Do you believe she was obnoxious or helpful? Or a combination of the two? Although she most likely had good intentions, that’s not what you want to hear on a dating app.

Brendan has nothing to do with this. Apps for dating can be superficial, impersonal, and full of weirdos. Brendan deserves credit for attempting to put himself out there. However, you should probably alter your profile picture. Hey, we’re sure it was a nasty remark, but the very least you can do is follow her advice.

Safety First!

Driving while holding hands is a romantic and personal experience, especially if you’re passing through gorgeous countryside. Makayla, on the other hand, does not appear to agree. After all, safety comes first. Maybe she didn’t want to hold hands with him; that’s fine, too.

Being concerned about one’s safety isn’t always a bad thing. Every day, car accidents occur all throughout the United States. Do you suppose she had him drive at 10 and 2? No one enjoys being chastised for their driving abilities, but we can’t say we fault Makayla for this.

Chasing Waterfalls?

This is the funniest #WhyImSingle so far, and there’s a lot of competition! Let’s take a look at why Caitlin isn’t keen on going on a waterfall hike. Maybe her mate didn’t realize she was kidding… she was, right? At the very least, we know she’s amusing, so that’s a perk.

On the other side, this dating app guy has no sense of humor. This isn’t your fault, Caitlin; he was most likely a lame guy to begin with. This is a classic song that will live on in our hearts forever. Perhaps she isn’t a hiker and was searching for a fun way out of this situation.

Real Life? Or Fantasy?

Betty could certainly improve her ability to think before speaking. Her large mouth might be one of the reasons for her #WhyImSingle. However, we’re not certain she was the issue in this situation. She came up with a creative method to make a remark about her date’s unusually unkempt living quarters.

To be honest, the gentleman should have probably cleaned his place before having friends over (especially romantic ones). We’re curious whether he thought her tale was as amusing as we did. In any case, we can be put off by an untidy flat, so Betty could have been searching for a way out and understood precisely what she was saying.

Loyalty To The Royalty

This Twitter user’s #WhyImSingle will appeal to cat lovers. We’ve heard a lot of amusing pet names, but Erin’s is by far the best. Because her date has already left the building by the time she gets to the finish, she might wish to give her cat a moniker.

We can’t help but imagine Erin calling her cat’s tremendously lengthy, grandiose name while “psst, psst”-ing about the house. Don’t you think that’s a great way to start a first date? We don’t see why this should be a deal breaker for anyone, with the exception of dog lovers.

Sage Advice

This Twitter user’s priorities are a little off, or they don’t realize that napping and dating aren’t mutually exclusive. This #WhyImSingle is for all the sleep-deprived people out there. At the very least, you know your bed will catch you if you fall asleep. Your bed will be there for you at all times. It’s the single thing that never changes in your life.

We all understand the value of a good night’s sleep or a long nap. Why waste time falling in love when you can sleep instead? Take a melatonin and fall asleep without the stress of dating. Jordan makes an excellent argument here. Although, as previously said, it is not always one or the other.

Grammar Police

This Twitter user’s #WhyImSingle will be adored by grammar police worldwide. We’ve all got that one buddy (or maybe it’s you!) who is always pointing out grammatical faults. Correcting someone like this Twitter user is probably not very police-like, but some people simply can’t help themselves.

While grammar is crucial, in internet communication, some faults are frequently overlooked and dismissed. On social media, we don’t pay attention to everything we type. Not according to this Twitter user! Is this something you’d go along with? That is something we can all identify with, but is he going too far?

Potterhead Strikes Again

Rhiannon is a huge Harry Potter fan. To be fair, a large number of individuals are. The novels are fantastic, the films are entertaining, and the universe is genuinely legendary. Is Rhiannon’s #WhyImSingle, however, too much? Her repeated allusions are certain to get irritating after a time.

Even other Harry Potter fans believe this is a bit much. Rhiannon may not have a Sirius issue, but she most likely leaves her dates Stupefy-d. In any case, there are a lot of HP fans out there looking for Hermione Granger.

An Unusual Response

Isn’t it wonderful when a boy brings you a flower? It’s a simple gesture that conveys a lot of meaning. You’d probably say “thank you!” or “it’s lovely!” in response to such a kind gesture. It’s possible you’ll blush. That’s probably how the majority of people would react. Take a look at Bert’s reaction. It’s not at all what you’d anticipate.

That’s definitely a first. “How was your day, Bert?” says the narrator. “Oh, that was fine, I panic-ate a flower.” Some blossoms are edible, so let’s hope that’s the case here. Even if that was the case, we’re quite sure it wasn’t the goal. Please do not eat a flower that a boy has picked for you.

Grab Some Zzzz

Sleepers come in various shapes and sizes – side, front, back, even sideways or diagonally. What about Page’s case? She has a habit of using the entire bed, leaving no space for anyone else. Page’s life, and her bed, just do not have a place for love.

We understand why she doesn’t want to share her bed. Sharing a space with someone else may be challenging. But, with the right person, she might be able to make a little space, right? We’re guessing she’ll be willing to make this sacrifice when the right guy comes along.

Dating Violations

Some people find it difficult to separate work and personal life and leave work issues at the door. It’s fairly typical for people’s professions to take control of their life. SquawkYou, a Twitter user, appears to be in this situation. We don’t believe his dates are too fond of the expert criticism.

He understands how to spoil your appetite while also ensuring that you don’t get a call back. Squawk, please remove your Health Inspector cap for the next one! Hearing about a restaurant’s health issues while attempting to have a pleasant, romantic supper is neither tasty nor romantic.

Word Salad

Wawa, a Twitter user, has shown that chivalry isn’t dead. His prospects with his crush are, however, slim. He was off to a fantastic start because you don’t see many people opening doors these days. With this #WhyImSingle, he gets a little tongue-tied and muddles up what was intended to be a basic “you’re welcome.”

We’re curious to know what his crush thought of his reaction. When you become tongue-tied, it’s always uncomfortable, especially in front of a crush. Hopefully, she found it as amusing as we did and recognized it was nothing more than an honest blunder. At the very least, she had the door open for her, right?

Just Watch

Every interaction in this brilliant Twitter user’s #WhyImSingle has a catchy tune. This was probably Matt’s attempt to capture Jimmy’s attention with a good joke, and it worked! Matt, you’re a genius. He’s definitely a creative individual, and he’s also rather amusing. We can see how frustrating this behavior might be, but it’s also rather hilarious.

We’ll take responsibility for getting that music stuck in your mind. But don’t blame us; blame Matt. At the very least, the lyrics from “Waterfalls” have been replaced with a better music.