Looking for a cool baby girl name that isn’t wildly overused? Come on in…

Quick Notes:

• Giving your baby girl a unique name can go a long way in helping her make a memorable impression.
• Steering clear of popular baby names decreases the odds of your daughter having to share her name with several other kids in her class.

Choosing a name for your baby girl can be a daunting task. With all the preparation that goes into bringing a new baby home, it can be nerve-wracking to try to select a name your child will use for her entire life. You’re no doubt already aware of popular choices such as Emma, Mia, and Sophia, so here we’ll concentrate on switching it up a bit with girl names you may not have heard before.

Rather than another “top 10 most popular baby girl names” list, you’ll find a collection of names that are beautiful as well as unique. Help your daughter make a great first impression each time she’s introduced with a name that stands out as unique, creative, or just plain cool.

Baby Girl Names Inspired By Places

If there’s a certain city or place that you find particularly beautiful, then you might consider whether it’d make a good name for your new daughter. Here is a list of cool cities and places that you can proudly tell your daughter she shares her name with.


This beautiful girl’s name comes from a South Australian capital city known for its arts scene and amazing festivals.


What better name for the future light of your life than Brighton, the name of a South England seaside town known for its beach scene?


Known as the cradle of Japanese civilization, this beautiful name also means “happy” in Gaelic.



If you want to raise your daughter to be a true free spirit, then naming her Sedona is a great start. The name of a popular Arizona town, it’s known for its adventurous vibe, rugged landscape, and beautiful sunsets.


This pretty name comes from the Isle of Skye in Northern Scotland which is known for its beautiful landscapes and ancient castles.


If you love music, then the name of this Austrian”City of Music” could be the perfect choice for your daughter.


You can’t get much more romantic than Verona, the Italian city that was the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Poetic And Cool Sounding Names For Baby Girls

If you don’t want your daughter to be one of five Jennifers or Emilys in her class, then look no further than these uncommon, yet beautiful girl names. From classical to cool, you’ll find names from a variety of different origins that are sure to help your baby girl stand out.


Origin: Greek
Meaning: Name of the ancient goddess of the hunt, animals, and protector of young girls.


Origin: Latin
Meaning: “Goddess of the Dawn”


Origin: Greek
Meaning: “Thunder” (Also a literary reference to the famous Bronte sisters)


Origin: English
Meaning: “Glory To God, Happiness”


Origin: Old English
Meaning: “Hare’s meadow”


Origin: Old English
Meaning: “Place of safety, refuge”



Origin: Greek
Meaning: “Gift of Isis”


Origin: Hawaiian
Meaning: “Child of Heaven, Heavenly flowers”


Origin: English
Meaning: “Words Of a song”


Origin: Latin
Meaning “Light”


Origin: Italian
Meaning: “Golden”


Origin: Latin
Meaning: “Beautiful rose”


Origin: English from Italian
Meaning: “Little song”


Origin: American
Meaning: Tale


Origin: Gaelic
Meaning: “Red-haired”

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