Looking for prenatal vitamins? Rankings can help you make a choice

Quick notes:

  • The right nutrition is crucial in pregnancy. A good prenatal vitamin can help

  • There are similar elements contained in all good prenatal vitamins

  • Reading prenatal vitamin rankings can help you make your decision

You’re thinking about becoming pregnant and want to be sure to get the best possible nutrition so that your baby has a strong start. Or you have just found out that you’re expecting, and you realize that getting the right vitamins and minerals every day is more important than ever.

Sure, ideally, you’ll get all of your required pregnancy nutrition through your diet. In reality, there are a lot of requirements for pregnant women to meet, and you can’t always get what you need through food alone. Prenatal vitamins, especially ones with folic acid, iron, calcium, Vitamin D, and DHA, can help.

We’ve got information on why it is important, how great nutrition helps both you and your baby, and what leading publications say are the top brands on store shelves.

How the right nutrition helps

Nutritional deficits in pregnancy can lead to a lot of problems for both mom and baby. If you get the proper nutrition, the problems aren’t as likely to be an issue. For example, if you get enough folate, which is often found in whole grains, leafy green vegetables, dried beans, and nuts, chances of neural tube defects lessen. If you get enough iron, found in blackstrap molasses, and leafy green vegetables, you can ensure a healthy blood supply even though your circulatory system has expanded due to pregnancy.


What to look for in a quality prenatal vitamin

As it turns out, some brands of prenatal vitamins do a better job of providing nutrition than others. What should you look for when you choose? Firstly, be sure that your choice contains at least 400 micrograms of folic acid. You’ll also want to be sure that your vitamin has 400 IU’s of vitamin D and 200 – 300 mg of calcium. In addition, regardless of whether your doctor has indicated you have an iron deficiency, your vitamin should contain some iron, and doctors recommend about 14 mg per day.

Three options for prenatal vitamin rankings

Lots of publications and sales sites release rankings and reviews of prenatal vitamins. U.S. News and World Report, Healthline, and Babylist are three of them.

Reviewing prenatal vitamin rankings can help you decide what to take, but read them with care and talk with your doctor before deciding.

Though the results of the rankings represent the unique approach of the corresponding publication, it can be interesting to learn about what they value and why. Always remember, any choice you make about prenatal vitamins should be made in consultation with a qualified medical professional.

  • U.S. News and World Report list One-a-Day, Nature Made, and Centrum as its top three choices. It is worth noting that these three products all come from more established companies. The publication doesn’t go into details about its choices other than noting that these vitamins were the choice of the pharmacists participating in their research.
  • Healthline lists its top three choices as Rainbow Light prenatal vitamin, Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW prenatal vitamin, and New Chapter prenatal vitamin as its top three choices. These rankings appear to value both nutritional content and a more natural plant and supplement-based approach.
  • The website Babylist named a series of suggestions for prenatal vitamins that weren’t ranked against each other but were simply listed as “winning options.” They include a lower-cost option from Nature Made, a gummy vitamin from Smarty Pants, and a DHA supplemented product from Nordic Naturals.

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