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You’re halfway there! See what’s going on with you and your baby

Quick notes

  • At 20 weeks pregnant, you’re halfway through your pregnancy

  • You may start to feel your baby’s movements around 20 weeks

  • At your 20-week ultrasound, you should be able to tell the gender of your baby if you wish to

At 20 weeks pregnant, you are halfway through your pregnancy. While you’re anxiously waiting to meet your little bundle of joy, there’s a lot still going on in the inside. While your baby and your belly are getting bigger, you’re getting closer and closer to meeting your new addition.

From what is happening to your body to how your baby is developing, here’s everything you need to know about this pregnancy milestone.

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How your body is changing

At 20 weeks pregnant, your belly is seemingly getting bigger by the minute. While your stomach is getting larger, this can lead to some pretty big aches and pains, as well. Your cute baby bump may start to cause you some back problems at this point. Your bump is also probably pretty noticeable by now.

Everyone is different, and every woman will carry differently. Don’t worry if you’re showing a lot or not at this point. Your size and genetics can play a significant role in how you carry. This will likely have nothing to do with the size of your baby.

What you’ll experience

By this point, you may also notice your appetite is getting bigger. Make sure you drink plenty of water and keep up with your snacks. Even if you don’t feel as queasy as you did in those first few weeks, it’s still vital to supply your baby with enough calories.

“At 20 weeks, you may also see that your hair and nails are getting stronger and thicker. Enjoy this nice pregnancy perk.”

Unfortunately, heartburn and indigestion can be pretty brutal at this stage of pregnancy. To help ease your symptoms, you can try and chew some sugar-free gum after your meals. The extra saliva helps neutralize stomach acids.

What is happening with your baby?

Your baby is getting bigger quickly at this point. You may start to feel your baby’s movements around this time as well. Those butterfly flutters you may have felt a couple of weeks ago may soon turn into full-blown kicks.

At 20 weeks pregnant, you only have four months to go. At this point, your baby is about the size of a sweet potato weighing around 10 ounces. Your baby is starting to put on weight, and the brain and organs are developing more.

If you are having a girl, her uterus is formed at this point. If you are having a boy, his testicles are starting to drop, and the scrotum is growing.

What to expect at your next appointment

“At your 20-week ultrasound, you should be able to tell the gender of your baby if you wish to. This appointment is also where some additional genetic testing may be done. Your doctor will be looking for substances in your blood to see if they are at risk of Down syndrome, a neural tube defect, or another genetic condition.”

Your doctor will also probably measure the growth of your baby at this point. They may talk to you about any follow-up ultrasounds or measurements that are needed. Babies move a lot, so don’t worry if you need to move around or change positions to get a good look at the sex of your baby.

In the weeks to come, make sure to stay hydrated and stretch a little when you can. Your ligaments, joints, and muscles will be getting overworked in the weeks and months to come, so keep moving and try to get comfortable.

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