Despite the outbreak of corona-virus, the world keeps on turning, and senior assisted living communities are forging ahead. When stay at home orders are lifted, families will go back to work, but care will still need to be administered to over two million seniors.

Is this a good time to move into a senior living facility?

Photo courtesy of brookdaleliving via InstagramPhoto courtesy of brookdaleliving via Instagram
Photo courtesy of brookdaleliving via Instagram

Market research shows that admission to senior living communities and assisted living facilities are down, but across the nation, they’re still very much accepting new residents. With the outbreak of Covid-19, about half as many seniors are even interested in moving into a community, whether they need assistance or not. Families are able to shoulder the burden of those in need of assistance, as stay at home orders make it possible. But soon people will be going back to work, and the question of moving will rear it’s head again.

If you’re considering a move, then you’ll want to know about different options, such as luxury, assisted, or community based, whether or not your loved ones will be safe, and happy. We’ve gathered the latest data on  how each type of senior living homes is responding to keep their residents healthy.

Why move into a senior living community?

Most seniors prefer to “age in place,” and this certainly the easiest choice. But about 20% of people over the age of 70 find it difficult to perform daily tasks without assistance. That’s a pretty high number, and when it comes time for care, it’s not something we can ignore. Visiting caregivers, who’s industry has been decimated by the current environment, on average cost $4,000 a month. Compare that to an assisted living community, which averages around $3,750 a month, the cost in this instance is a virtual wash.

But even without a global pandemic that requires everyone to stay home, and enables family members to administer care, seniors have to live somewhere. Estimates show that home modifications for our mothers and fathers to move in cost somewhere between $10,000-$100,000.

We recognize that the cost of care is not always the issue with moving into a community or assisted living facility, so now we’re going to show you what you can expect from different types of senior facilities near you, and beyond.

Senior living communities

Senior living facilities, unlike assisted living facilities, are designed to enable seniors to live a completely independent life. If you or your loved one needs assistance day-to-day, then this is probably not the option for you. Here’s some more details that will shed some light:

– Who’s it for? – Senior living communities are for seniors that don’t suffer from debilitating memory loss, and can still get around without assistance. The communities are designed for social interaction, so if your beloved senior is experiencing loneliness, this is a fantastic option. 

– What can you expect? – Depending on the community you decide to research, you can expect that communities will either have townhouses or apartments. There will also be amenities that are designed to bring people together, such as a dining hall, gym, or pool. You should also expect plenty of activities to bring people together.

– What safety measures have they taken in response to corona-virus? – Senior living facilities near you will have taken different responses, but the ones that are leading way have stopped all communal and social gatherings. They’ve also stopped family members from visiting. Everyone who does enter should be screen and wearing a mask. You should also wonder how their supply chains are, as running out of hand sanitizer and other antiseptics is not acceptable.

Senior assisted living facilities

First and foremost, a senior assisted living facility is not a nursing home. Assisted living actually enables seniors to live independently, but there are aids around to help when needed.
– Who’s it for? – In most cases assisted living facilities are for seniors that have memory loss issues, or mobility problems. If it’s not safe for them to live alone, or need help moving from a chair to bed, for example, then is the type of care you’ll be looking for.
– What can you expect? – The appearance of most assisted living facilities will look like a nice apartment complex. Typically, each resident gets there own apartment, enabling independent life. But all assisted living facilities have some sort of community based amenities, such as a dining hall. These will vary from facility to facility (we’ll get to 5-star and luxury assisted living in a moment).
– What safety measures have they taken in response to corona-virus? – Senior living communities and facilities are taking similar measures industry wide. As an added measure, research shows that seniors who embrace technology (e. g. video calls, email, and internet searches) have a much better chance of enjoying their experience.

Luxury senior living & 5 star senior living

As mentioned earlier, cost is not the only concern when finding a senior community, and for those lucky enough, luxury options are on the table. Websites such as 5 star senior living are great resources for finding a senior living community near you, but before you look into that, this is the difference that “luxury living” offers:

Luxury senior living community – Amenities, amenities, amenities. We felt it necessary to say it three times because that’s what it comes down to. Would your elder loved one like to live on a golf course, swim in a pool, workout in a gym, or have a library to peruse? Turn down service is available, gardens, or fine dining. Residents can also expect to live in a town home, condo, or a single family house.
Luxury senior assisted living facility – Amenities times three still applies, but there are noticeable differences in luxury assisted living. It mainly boils down to where this assistance applies. Custodial services should be a given, medication services, and bathing and dressing assistance if necessary. But assistance should also help seniors spread their wings, as help with shopping trips, and other transportation arrangements can really enrich the experience.