Everyone’s heard it: “Sitting is the new smoking.” We all know it, but did you know that studies show exercise doesn’t counter the damage done from too much sitting? The only cure is standing up more often, and that’s why folks are considering standing desks for their home offices.

How can a standing desk improve your health?

Photo courtesy of Kennyrhoads via Wikimedia CommonsPhoto courtesy of Kennyrhoads via Wikimedia Commons
Photo courtesy of Kennyrhoads via Wikimedia Commons

Adjustable standing desks give several health benefits, including lower risk of weight gain, lower blood pressure, lower risk of heart disease, and help prevent a bad back. But according to WebMD, you don’t want to stand the entire day. It’s important to go back and forth, starting with just 30 minutes at a time, several times a day. That’s why all of the following are adjustable standing desks, giving you flexibility for optimum health.

Which standing desks are the best?

If you’ve made the decision to switch to a standing desk for all the health benefits, then you’ll want the pros and cons of each so you can find the one that’s best for you. Standing desks can be expensive, and there’s about a zillion of them out there. You might be thinking, where do I even start? Do I want a new standing desk, or a standing desk converter? We’ve identified that they come in four price tiers, and compared standing desks in each one.

Standing desk converters

Standing desk converters are a popular choice among folks wanting the health benefits of standing up more while they work, but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg. One problem with standing desks, is there’s often one leg that wobbles. That’s simply not the case with these ergonomic standing desk converters.

Varidesk pro plus

Starts at $325

  • Pros – The Varidesk Pro Plus is the top of the line standing desk converter. Depending on what size you get, there are 11 adjustable settings, and it’s very easy to move up and down throughout the day, without disturbing up to 40-pounds of equipment on the desk top.
  • Cons – The price for the Varidesk Pro Plus is high, costing as much, or even more, than an entire standing desk. Also, pay attention to the different sizes depending on how tall you are, as the biggest one is meant for people 6’1″ and above.


Starts at $170

  • Pros – The Readydesk is extremely easy to assemble, and even easier to adjust. This is just about the cheapest standing desk option, and it will certainly get the job done
  • Cons – The Readydesk is adjustable, but really only for different standing positions. Adjusting for a seated position will probably require you to take it off your desk altogether. It’s also not the best looking desk on the block, as it looks as cheap as it costs.

Low priced standing desks ($200-$450)

Even cheap standing desks will fulfill their function, and are still adjustable for standing and sitting. Features and custom options are far more limited, but even though you might expect cheaper parts, some still come with an extended warranty.

Autonomous Smart Desk

Starts at $429

  • Pros – Like you might expect, the Autonomous Smart Desk is electric, and, well, smart. There are several different styling options, and it comes with a fantastic five year warranty. It’s even easy to assemble, as it should take no more than 15-30 minutes.
  • Cons – While there are several decorative options, the desk itself only comes in one size. Top tier desks come in all shapes and sizes, such as L-shaped or for corner spots. It may have some cheap parts as well, but hopefully the warranty will cover any complications.


Starts at $239

  • Pros – The Ikea Skarsta standing desk is a pretty straight forward design, and even though it comes in only two color options, they both look professional. The price is certainly a plus, given how expensive standing desks can be.
  • Cons – The Skarsta desk uses an archaic hand crank to move up and down. It’s also Ikea, and no offense to the Swedish furniture maker, but their stuff doesn’t usually hold up well in durability tests. However, this desk does come with a 10 year warranty.

Middle priced standing desks ($450-$700)

Prices have come down dramatically for standing desks, so some of these middle tier ones would’ve normally belonged in the top tier. Each of these are electric with smart settings, and each features different customized options.

Evodesk Pro

Starts at $699

  • Pros – Evo has over 8,000 different combinations, as there are different shapes and sizes for all their desks. There’s also a galaxy of customizable features, as each desk is smart, and can actually expand and contract so it can fit just about anywhere.
  • Cons – This “starting price” for an Evodesk Pro is slightly misleading, as it’s the cheapest one we could find, and prices go all the way to $5,000 (their most expensive desk, plus a treadmill). But if you can afford it, this is the next generation in standing desks.

Jarvis Laminate Standing Desk

Starts at $469

  • Pros – The Jarvis Laminate is a solid, eco-friendly desk that personifies Jarvis’s commitment toward sustainability. It’s very affordable, it’s electric, and has some custom made parts to strengthen it’s frame.
  • Cons – Some assembly is required with the Jarvis Laminate Standing Desk, and it has a pretty weak motor. It’s not that the slowness should bother you, but the motor lasting should be top of mind.

Top priced standing desks ($700-$800)

With top tier prices comes top tier quality, at least in terms of the following two standing desks. Both are electric, and feature “favorites” settings. The one drawback is electric standing desks are notorious for breaking. But these two are top of the line, and have warranties.

iMover Lander standing desk

Starts at $799

  • Pros – The iMover Lander standing desk arrives almost completely assembled, and requires no tools for the rest. Push button controls are a rare feature on a standing desk, and it has 36 different color options.
  • Cons – The Lander was the best standing desk of 2019 (as rated by USA today), so in terms of what’s available on the market, this is the cream of the crop. But that, comes with a cost, as there are far more options for cheaper.

Varidesk ProDesk 60 Electric

Starts at $795

  • Pros – The Varidesk ProDesk 60 Electric is a push button electronic desk with “favorites” settings. It comes almost completely assembled, and is a solid desk frame.
  • Cons – There’s no real variety with the ProDesk 60, as it’s a one-size-fits-all approach. The bar across the middle is outdated, and there may be supply chain issues, as it’s made in China.

Don’t let the galaxy of options for standing desks hold you up. The health benefits of using home office standing desk are well worth the time to find the one best for you. Hopefully, this serves as a guide for what to consider. Don’t stay at home sitting down. Stand up!